Sunday, June 12, 2016

Law Abiding Citizen (Following God)

I sat in Church this morning with this little guy on my lap.

Rachel and Ben were on either side of me.

Today our preacher talked about submission.

It's not a popular subject in today's day and age.

Thomas and I started talking.  He said something that really hit home and I thought I'd share.  It helped me understand why something (at times) doesn't feel right.

You don't hear the phrase "law abiding citizen" much anymore.  It's important though.

When you are driving down the interstate and you are obeying the speed limit, an officer won't pull you over and say, "Wow, you are fantastic! Let me give you a hug.  You obeyed the speed limit!" (We were laughing at that vision.)

"You stopped at a stop light! High Five!!!!"

How much more important is obeying God?

There are many times that Thomas and I are praised for bringing home our children.  We are told we are special people or it's amazing what we do. (We know this happens to many of you.) We really do understand the heart of what others are saying.  (They are such tender and serving people.)

Words of encouragement are so important....BUT there's something that is important for us all to realize.  If you see us (or others) deflect these comments or immediately point up, this is often not a false sense of humility.

Just as a police officer doesn't stop you to praise you for obeying the speed limit, it's hard to be praised for doing what we are supposed to do....OBEYING GOD.

There's more to this of course.... the honor of these little diamonds being entrusted to us, the blessing each and every child is innately,  the knowledge that these are our children.

It comes down to this though, we are blessed because God blessed us.  He told us where our children were and we obeyed.  It's really not something to be praised for (in our hearts).  God directs (to blessing no less) and we obeyed.  It's that simple.

That HE would ask any of us in our sin, brokenness, and yuck to do something under HIS THAT is the wow factor.  THAT is GRACE.

"But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom,and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do."  James 1:25


Hey friends, tonight I tore my cornea.  Though I've never done it before, we have two blessings that have in the past.  We have a big week ahead and I'd appreciate prayers for quick healing (instant would be awesome...chuckle).   This isn't very comfortable (smile).   Thank you!!!

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