Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Amazing What Hope Does (Timothy's Medical Journey)

I just got back from a focus group in the local children's orthopedic hospital.  It's amazing spending time with moms who are walking much of what you are walking.   Actually, occasionally it's fun to just "adult".  (Yes, I'm using it as a verb. Smile)

We spent this weekend taking walks and contemplating a lot.

We've been asked several questions since our big medical post about Timothy....and we've asked several questions.

We've received emails back that gave us a lot of clarity.

So here are the answers to your questions (and some of ours).

Does Timothy understand what's going on?
To an extent, yes.  We have a kind mandarin translator named Cecilia (a friend of our friend Debbie).
She explained most of what was going to happen to Timothy the night before the appointment and the day after she explained what the casting was for.  We are SO thankful for her!

How long will Timothy wear casts?
This really depends.  We go in once a week for new casts.  His clubbed feet are obviously very severe. How long we cast depends on the outcome (what the casting does).  There is still a slight chance that with casting and surgeries Timothy's feet will be preserved.  It's very slight and unlikely, but we are praying if it's best for Timothy long term, God will grant us favor in this.  IF the casting works, it will most likely go on longer.

Will he ever have surgery on his hips and how will it affect him and his future?
With so much discussed last Thursday, we needed a lot of clarification.  I just received an answer today.  Yes, he will have surgery on his hips eventually.  It would do more damage than good right now (which is what we needed clarity on).  Timothy is very mobile.  Their focus is on his feet right now and keeping him mobile as long as possible.  Eventually they WILL focus on his hips.  This was a HUGE relief for us.

Will Timothy ever walk without aid?
We don't know.  He may, but he also may use a form of crutches.  We are so thankful for this hospital and all the talking they're willing to do with us.  They are not pushing anything, but trying the best they can to make this the least invasive as possible.


A Sweet Story...

The Love Tank:  At the hospital Rachel started to get really grumpy, so I pulled her on my lap.  I kissed her head and asked her if she needed her love tank filled up.  She just looked at me with a grumpy face.  We were waiting for the doctor, so I started rocking her and singing her a song.  I pulled her in and rocked her for a bit longer.  She relaxed, smiled and looked up to me.  She hugged me and said her love tank was full now.  I gave her a big hug and an extra kiss and told her I was giving her extra so it would overflow to others.  She smiled and got down to play.  After a bit she climbed back on my lap.  She said, "Mommy, it's weird.  My love tank goes down when I'm not next to you."  OH MY MAMA HEART!!!!

Many are saying of me,
    “God will not deliver him."
But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, 
the One who lifts my head high.
I call out to the Lord
 and he answers me from his holy mountain.
Psalm 3:2-4
 Thank you for joining us on this journey we call life!

Prayer Requests

1.    Continued prayers for Tom and Elizabeth (blessing and protection).
2.  Prayers for our grandchild (in utero) and mommy as the pregnancy progresses.  Sarah has to be so careful with the severity of her allergy to wheat (seizures) and she also has to gain a lot of weight (she lost and couldn't gain before her Celiac diagnoses and was only beginning to gain before her pregnancy).  She's doing great, but could always use the prayers.
3. For our little man as he transitions.  Specifically that he sees us as different (attachment) and has some stranger fear (showing he sees us as his security) and his sleep. It's easy to look at little ones newly coming home as "friendly".  That may be a bit of it, but often they have no concept of family and view everyone as caregivers initially.  Please also pray that, if it's within God's Will, this casting on his feet works.  God knows what needs to happen and what's the best for him.
4. For direction as we move forward with so many changes and future changes.
5.  That we can get into a good co-op (there's a waiting list with the one we want) with home school for next year.  We have one lovely one two of the children are blessed to be able to go to, but we are looking for a place for some of the higher learning classes. 

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  1. Your blog always brings thankful tears to my eyes. You are a blessing to your children and to those of us who are watching them grow in God's love. I'm so glad you are a part of the BRCC family.


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