Thursday, June 16, 2016

God Moments and the Hospital

Today was just full of God moments.  Many I can't share because...
#1 It's not time.
#2 It involves others besides ourselves.

I didn't expect it.  We were at the hospital from nine am to three pm.

I woke up feeling (and acting a bit) like a bear.  For those that think I'm super mom, nope.  This morning my super cape was bear sized.  My poor kids.

Yet, from the second we stepped in the hospital...GOD EVERYWHERE.

I met adoptive parents and future adoptive mamas...and we had a moment that blew me away.  A moment that was ordained by God.....WOW.


Today Timothy got new casts.  The last one has started making a difference in just one week, even I could see it.

We discussed several medical things.  The doctor feels that Timothy will probably eventually walk, one way or another, without assistance.  This is a HUGE WAHOO!!!!!!

The hips are still under discussion.  He said surgery is very much a wait and see (to some extent).  Timothy is very mobile.  He walks on his severe clubbed foot and casts already.  Right now our focus is seeing how far we can get with his feet.  His feet will need some surgery, but how far his feet come will dictate which surgery.  We still hope (the small chance we were given) that he will not need amputations.  They don't scare us, but we always want what is least invasive.

It was a long day and Timothy was a bit tired.

These kids are such jewels.

Timothy showing you his new casts.

Today we are tired.  Today was also such a gift.


The Lord is good to all,
    and his mercy is over all that he has made.

Psalm 145:5

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