Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Busy Week~Fun Week~Big News (Soon)

The last week was a bit of a madhouse, fun and blessed, but constantly going.

We ended last week (Thursday night) celebrating Timothy and Thomas' birthdays at a local restaurant (thanks to a member of our family).  It really was nice to get out.  This was Timothy's first birthday with a daddy, mommy,  sisters, and brothers (not to mention grandma, an uncle, and friends).

This is one of those all time favorite pictures.  I look at my husband
and those feelings of exactly why I married him come flooding back.
I look at my son and see his joy and feel like he's always been with us.

Presents are SO exciting for Timothy!  The little froggy blanket (he got
for his birthday from us) we had stored in our closet for years.  All of the littles (including Ben as a little and Bekah who "officially" is a middle) have a different blanket.  When I saw one we didn't 
have a couple years ago, I bought it for any future child.  The children LOVE them.  We 
don't buy big expensive gifts, but ones that will be used and cherished.

Above and below aren't the best pictures, but they are
Timothy's first time blowing out candles.  The restaurant
gave them free gluten free cookies.  The candles wouldn't actually stand
in what we brought. (chuckling)

This is what happens when a homemade cream cheese pie with cherries is made...and not\
brought to a restaurant in a cooler.  It becomes cream cheese pudding (smile).  Everyone
still ate it and it tasted GREAT (thank you Anna), but 
we learned a lesson.  In 100 degree heat, put pies in a cooler.

Though we had two major meetings and casting for Timothy from Thursday to Sunday, this was just the start of the fun.

We were blessed to have a table sponsored for us at our local children's hospital's ADORABLE Character Breakfast.

We had breakfast until the parade of characters came through.

Joy from Inside Out was our favorite.  Jael told her that
she knows Riley and Joy started yelling to the room, "SHE KNOWS RILEY! HEY GUYS, SHE KNOWS RILEY! I KNOW RILEY!!!"

Our Batkids and Batwoman

He wouldn't let go of Max's hand and had us all laughing.

Ben wasn't sure what to think.

Serious giggles happening here.

Our little princesses were so happy.

We then went out to meet the characters.  With our family full of "characters" we fit right in.

I admit, this was the COOLEST costume
ever.  We all headed to him first.  Seriously cool!
This was Gabe's favorite (and almost everyone else).

You may guess this was Rachel's favorite.  You'd be right.

The Inside Out cast.  Apparently Anger was too angry to come and
Disgust was to disturbed by all the people.

Our mini Superman and the bigger one.


This is what happens when I turn my  

The Littles didn't know who many of these people were, but
they had fun none the less.

This was still the beginning of the day for us.  We piled into our van, split into two vans (borrowed my moms) and headed to meet some friends from Church.  We were headed to a HUGE Fourth of July based Christian concert.  It's free and we go almost every year.  

Nope, we usually don't give the kids soda, BUT it WAS SO HOT and the
kids actually needed the sugar!!!

The teens were playing soccer in the field behind our shade tent.  Anna may have
got a tad burnt.  They had strangers come and play with them throughout the day.

Beautiful girls (and our girl peeking in).

Timothy had no clue what was going on, but LOVED playing!

Okay, these twins...seriously fun!

An awesome friend of mine (shout out Amy) and our Gabe!

Did I mention it was hot?  Yup, Thomas felt it necessary to cool 
his friend Bryan down.

We stayed only about 2 1/2 hours with the littles (and Bekah). It was just too hot.  The middles (and bigs) know their bodies well enough to stay hydrated and feel if there's an issue, but we already knew we couldn't keep the littles there the whole time.

Timothy fell asleep after only about five minutes in the car.

This was it for me and the six youngest for the day, but still...the weekend wasn't over.

Sunday had one more beautiful surprise...a gender reveal for our Sarah and Ivan.


Our newest granddaughter Isabella!!!!

So that's the recap of our busiest week EVER!  Okay, maybe it just felt like it.  We have SO much going on.  Miracles are happening and God is on the move.  We hope to announce soon some big stuff.  I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!!!

Please pray God places everything exactly the way it needs to be so we can move move move (not

Have a blessed day friends!!!

You, Lord, are forgiving and good,
    abounding in love to all who call to you.  
                                     Psalm 86:5

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  1. My first Granddaughter Elizabeth turned 19 this year!! (I was 40 when she was born) Oh the JOY! of Grandbabies!! (((HUGS))) We went to the park in July, in Abilene TX when we adopted Hope from Christian Homes. I don't know how y'all stand that heat!!


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