Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trust Your Gut (Day 11 with Timothy)

We loaded into the first van (of two) to drive to Hong Kong.  The drive is view...stunning.

Right before we crossed into Hong Kong we traded vans and drivers.

This new (to us) van's interior was covered completely with black padded leather, even the doors and handles.  Colored lights were scattered throughout.

Apparently Lexi and I felt the same thing.

You can't see what our spirits felt.  You see, we know many of these vans are used as limos.  We can handle the leather and the lights, but both of our spirits felt such darkness.  The driver was not nice even remotely, but I've had that happen before.  Even when he talked our guts turned over.  Bad things had happened here.  That feeling had happened only a couple times in my life and I found out both times dark things had been happening...these men (they just happened to be men) had been playing around a depraved playground.  I'm going to be honest, sex trafficking was my immediate thought and my heart ached.  I don't know anything, except I want to remind everyone to trust their guts.  Lexi and I didn't know each of us was feeling that way...the exact same way.  I've heard story after story of people that wish they had listened to their gut before bad things had happened.

We were thankful...thankful that both of our Churches had prayed for us the night before and thankful for God's blessing of protection this day.


Now we are at our itty bitty room, but HUGE airport hotel in Hong Kong.  We keep on chuckling.  It is like I have heard cabins in cruise ships are.

We are a tad claustrophobic and walked around.  The hotel is attached to the airport, so we hunted there until we found water for $1.50 a piece, instead of the $5 per bottle in the room.  The food was crazy expensive, but we used almost the last funds to eat room service (since we couldn't find anything cheaper around...and we looked).  Oh my, it was BAD...expensive...and TASTED AWFUL.  Lex and I felt a bit nauseous after.  It wasn't about eating something different.  It was just not good.

Wow...just wow....

Now, we are tucked into bed and ready to head home tomorrow.

We leave at 2:30 pm and arrive home at 4:25 pm (because of the time change).  In reality it's a 15 hour flight.  We continue to ask for prayers that they will be willing to rearrange seating for us. Timothy needs us both right now and that was the purpose of two of us going.  It's less about convenience and more about Thomas and I's youngest son.

Please pray that the trip passes quickly, peacefully, and that we can sleep (we are hitting a level of exhaustion).  Please also pray for protection and...well.... that some things in the works are provided for.  I promise I will share in the future.

Hugs to all and see many of you soon!!!!

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