Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Time of Insight (Day 10 with Timothy) ~ Almost There

We made it until Wednesday.  I can feel my body hitting that physical and emotional exhaustion point.  I truly love this country and the people here.  The longer we're here, the more I understand how life works.  The more conversations I have, the more heart I see.

Today was a free day until two pm.  After the trauma trigger yesterday, we let everyone sleep in.   At eight everyone started stirring (or  We were down at breakfast around ten.  We moved slow with purpose.

A Rice Noodle Purpose (I had the noodle dream)

The pond in the dining area.

We decided to walk around our hotel after breakfast.  It wouldn't be a walk without an interesting picture.

We are in NO way downing other's tastes, but you have to 
admit, it's different to us.

At two we met our guide and went to pick up our ticket to ride (Timothy's visa to enter the U.S.).  After, our guide took us to a couple of places for our kids to play.   We had asked her to bring her little one.  As you know, we are fond of little people.

The above is our guide Judy and her 2 1/2 year old son.

Timothy and Lexi discovering the joys of coloring with markers 
(a first for Timothy).

We then got to sit down to eat with our guide and have an early dinner.  This dinner happened to bring about a very enlightening conversation.

Oh, I got Lexi to try Octopus today.  Now THAT is a milestone! 

I really wasn't all that serious, but taking pictures we 
often can't stop laughing.  I have NO clue how
I got a serious

Timothy started talking.  Our last guide said it was just baby talk (but laughed at things Timothy said). This guide translated.  We just LOVE her!  

Timothy is really talking.  It's not just random words.  We found he doesn't like to take a bath because he didn't have a bath in the institution (or rarely).  He said he "didn't like it", but knowing that (we've seen this before) our guess is there is genuine fear there.  He's also began screaming off and on (with anger) when we change his diaper AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS.  He hates to have it changed, no trauma...just anger.  He said this (basically).  That made me chuckle a bit.  I'm okay with a child being mad at me if it's for their own good.  I had her tell him we love him, but even if he gets mad, the diaper will still be changed.  

He said so much, often too quiet for our guide to hear, but we have insight into our Timothy.  He said he loves both Lexi and I...and he is looking forward to meeting daddy and his brothers and sisters.

We had an instance of pure cuteness earlier that day.  Our guide's son was extremely mad and crying in the car (we think tired) about wanting something to drink.  Timothy looked at our guide and said, "I think he is just thirsty."  She replied, "Yes, that's why he's mad at me, but I'm trying to tell him we will have a drink at the restaurant very soon."  Timothy looked at her.  He then looked at her son and reached over and touched him.  He said, "You know, your mommy will get you a drink soon at the restaurant."  It was said very tenderly and her son started calming down.  It's a little bit of insight into his mind and heart.

He is a SMART little boy.  It's not baby talk.  He's a four year old with four year old reasoning, but his mind is VERY active.

So today was eye opening...about the people here and our son.  

Tonight is our last night in Guangzhou.  Lexi has crashed and Timothy is fighting sleep.

I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I wanted you here with us though.  I'm not sure today's blog makes sense, but I wanted to share with you anyway.   Have patience with my ramblings (smile).

There are a few prayer requests.  
1. Please pray that our credit/debit card has no issues tomorrow.  We have had many issues with our bank.  We had notified them four times about our travel and had them put it on our account...and they still rejected transactions here as fraud.  We have now talked to them no less that six times.  Our hotel here has received a pre-authorization from the bank, but they don't bill it until the morning when we check out.  Please pray that it goes through with NO issue.
2.  We have just found out on our 15 hour flight home, they don't have us sitting together.  This is something that isn't really a casual request.  It's going to take both of us on a 15 hour flight to manage this little guy.  It's just necessary. They have told us to check in early and maybe they can do something there.  Please pray with us that we talk to the right people and it's fixed immediately.
3. Please pray for safety and protection our drive to Hong Kong tomorrow and our flight to the States on Friday.  Please pray we can all sleep and it's peaceful.  Please also pray protection over our family at home still.
4. Please also pray everything falls into place with the journey we are on.  There are things I look forward to sharing in the near future, but we are not there yet (smile).

Thank you all for joining us on the amazing, crazy,  Heavenly Father story! Hugs!!!


  1. Kat,
    Thank you for sharing your experience of adopting Timothy. I can't wait to meet him at church. He is so precious and will be greatly loved by your Buckingham Rd church family.
    I'm praying for all of the traveling issues to be answered just as God would want them to be.
    Linda Blaisdell Doyle

  2. I have LOVED your updates and will be praying over them!


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