Monday, May 2, 2016

Pearls and a Sweat Jacuzzi (Day 8 with Timothy)

He needed a bath.  My son was dirty.  The issue is that he screams at the top of his lungs from the second he's stripped down until I get him in a towel after the bath.  It ranges from rage to sobbing tears.  This from a child who goes with the flow and just doesn't really get mad at us, even when we say no.

Like every child that has had a life before us, there is this puzzle we have to put together.  Some pieces we may get to fit, but may always be blank...not knowing what created that part of our child personality/fear/triggers.

He could have never had a bath.  Yes, that is very possible.  Often they will do sponge baths.  Even the girls in the orphanage had their heads shaved, so this could be.  It could be because his bath time was harsh, maybe hard to breath when they washed his hair.  It could be they bathed them together and another child scared him.

No matter what, it's a piece to the puzzle we don't have.

Today our guide (Becky was our guide only today) took us to the pearl market.  It's the biggest in Southern China....and in walking distance to our hotel.

Side Note: Some adoptive families have had comments for coming home with pearls or silk outfits for their children.  I thought I'd explain.  Silks and pearls are cheap (inexpensive).  You can clothe all your children in silks here cheaply for just dollars. buy a beautiful real pearl and silver bracelets for $5.00, earrings for less.  As most of you know, I'm not a "things" person....and as most large families, money can be tight. We chose to squeeze and pinch  to buy our children a gift.  Please know we don't abuse (or use) the money donated....NEVER would we consider doing that.  It's our way of bringing a little bit of China to our children.

The mall and pearl market is HUGE.

Looking Up

Our little Mickey Mouse~An outfit picked out by the children

It's exhausting and beautiful and claustrophobic at the same time.  This being a holiday

Octopus on a stick is the nearest we can figure. 
Not dissing it, just is a new one for us. We figure 
if everyone can randomly take pictures of the
crazy Americans (no joke, constantly), then 
we can take pictures of the unfamiliar too (smile).
We actually had someone on video chat with 
their friend (?) that turned the phone around 
so they could see us.  (Cracked us up..)

It amazes me how this city is built.  Everything is built up. There are stores competing everywhere.  Because there is so much competition, people are yelling and screaming with microphones to get your attention.  Jewelry stores have women dressed as royalty.  There are even men dressed as monkeys (we tried to catch him to bring him home Bryan, but he was wiley).

We are now back in the hotel room, tired and sweaty from the crazy humidity.  No joke, the humidity is so high you feel like you jumped in a sweat Jacuzzi.  (I know that's a pleasant picture.) Shoes are off, lights are off, with only the curtains open to the overcast sky and towering buildings.

Timothy is on the floor ditching his toys to play with whatever trash we let him have (usually brochures or a plastic bottle).  We know that is most likely the only toys he could get a hold of before..or he could just like trash (smile).

Tomorrow we have our last major adoption milestone...the consulate appointment to get Timothy's visa.   We continue to appreciate prayers for protection for those here and especially those at home.  Thank you to friends who have brought food, sent gift cards through the mail, and are working at fixing our A/C! (Shout out to Dak!)

Everyone's support has been such a gift.  We can't wait to see what this next year holds!!!!!

Now, to try to upload the pics to this blog.  It takes about an hour from here (smile).

Thanks for the prayers friends!!!!

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  1. 3 of my children screamed their heads off when in a Bath... They just never liked it... :(
    I do hope he will get to like bathing !
    Thank you for your updates !!!


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