Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jet Lag and Jewels

They are my jewels.  I know that even with jet lag (which we call "Hitting the Great Wall of China"), I had such joy looking at my family today.

We spent the morning at Church with our extended family.  Our brothers and sisters there ARE family.  Our sweet Megan broke into tears when we walked into Church, not expected.  Several had tears in their eyes.  They are part of us.  They helped pray Timothy home.  Oh my heart melted seeing all THEIR hearts....

We then went out to lunch with my mom and brother....and our jewels.

Uncle Steve and Rachel

Grandma and Gabriel

This is when we "Hit the Great Wall of China".  So sleepy....

Our Reality

We snuck home after "hitting the wall".  Our oldest son was waiting (he had been sick sick sick with allergies).  We missed his wife Elizabeth painfully, but she had to work.

He brought me beautiful roses and chocolates....then the jewels got together and shone even brighter.

Of course wrestling always ensues.

There are just no words.  Bwhahahaaaaaa...

Then my son-in-love, daughter, and little grandchild in utero got to cuddle with Timothy.  My mama's heart just is just filled with joy.

Today, I'm tired.  Today, I'm happy.  God is good.  Our jewels are a gift from God.  Mother's Day isn't really about celebrating me (in my heart)'s about remembering the gifts God has given me.  An amazing husband, a mom that has been such a wonderful example, and from God...jewels.

HE is so good.  Thank you God for the jewels that fill my house and heart.


  1. One time when our family was out someplace, we wondered if we'd locked the door at home. I said "It doesn't matter, all of our treasures are here with us." Family is the treasure.

  2. Wait... Tom and Elizabeth are married already?? Or did you mean to write "fiancee"?


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