Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Honesty (Day 9 with Timothy)

I'm going to be honest tonight.  The thought of documenting this day/night is not really what I want to be doing.  The day was good (though I'm a bit home sick), but tonight I hit a trauma trigger with Timothy.  It wasn't even something important for now.  If I'd known....

Right now my mama heart is hurts for my son, for the mistrust I saw in his eyes over just picking him up (barely awake) and encouraging him to lay his head on my shoulder.  He panicked.  I'm not going to get into details, but it wasn't good.

The trauma our kids go through just stinks.  We may never know why, but it's there.  They had a life before us...often with scary things a child should never have to go through.  Sigh....


Today we had our last big paperwork hurdle.  We had our consulate appointment. We got up in the wee hours and were out the door by 7:30 am for an 8:30 consulate appointment.

It was quick and went perfectly.

We then did a driving tour of the city with our driver (we were a bit too tired for any other kind). Our agency pays for four hours a day with our driver, which has been wonderful. 

This is a television tower (Canton Tower).

I wish you could see the beautiful ferry boats.

We then had to run some errands, specifically to the grocery store. The population is so high that they have layers of cars that are on lifts in the parking garage for the local store.  They press a series of buttons and a ramp is created to the upper level. Just cool....

We then ran a few more places and enjoyed the entertainment that is everywhere.

Blurry as the camera battery was dying, but this is a snack vendor outside of 
local shops.

The rooster skeered me.

We then headed back to where our bodies longed for.... much of the day anyway (smile).  We were a bit tired.

Yes, the hotel room is really nice and almost an exact duplicate of what we had almost five years ago with Jael.

So tonight we are all in bed.  Timothy is finally asleep and I'm still processing tonight.  He has been wonderful, but it would be wrong to act like trauma and healing was not a part of it.  His transition (thus far) has been one of the smoothest we've experienced...it's just hard sometimes.  Do you work through a trigger (ease into it) so it doesn't get bigger in his mind?  Do you walk away to revisit later?  Do you...do you....do  you....

It's all a bit of a puzzle.

Please continue to pray for us all as we wade through this.  Please pray the trust was not damaged.  Please pray protection over our family at home and all who are here. 

Thank you friends. Now to put this day to bed. Hugs....

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