Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dear Nausea,
   We have never been friends.  I'm not sure why you insist on hanging out.  Why don't you go hang out with my friend (begrudgingly) PMS.  She kind of asks for it.

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  1. Oh, Kat. I'm sorry you are still feeling icky. I'm almost 48 and that happens to me sometimes. Hormones. Ewwwww! However, I have noticed some things that seem to make it more tenacious. Have you been consuming soy products? I happen to love a soy-based vanilla chai; but, if I have too much of it, the nausea sets in. Just a thought. Just in case. :) Fresh ginger can be very helpful for nausea (and headache, too). Buy it. Cut it up. Steep it in water. Sip gingerly. *snort* It doesn't taste super yummy, so you could add it to tea.


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