Sunday, May 1, 2016

Church and The Government (Day 7 with Timothy)

Our ritual of breakfast stands.

The ritual of cuteness also stands.

We were up this morning to try to make it to an English Church on Shamian Island (walking distance from the hotel).  I knew, most likely, this would be a government ordained Church (the three self patriotic movement).  We wanted to see though.

The first step was walking to the island, of which I am VERY familiar.  Sarah, Anna, and I made that walk MANY times.

In honor of all three girls (Lexi, Sarah, and Anna) I will post their favorite part of the walk.


It is SO hard walking down this street and not buying a four dollars precious baby kitty.  Yes, we don't do it...but it's SO HARD!!!!

We made it to Church with a few minutes to spare.

As we set down in a side room for parents with children, the service started in Mandarin and English.  The singing was beautiful.

Then the preaching started.  It was about how God makes you rich and the government is wonderful and should be honored.

Yes, I'm serious.

Lexi and I walked out.  There was no God in the sermon, except the god of government.

I've been reading how Christians (in many home Churches, not authorized by the government) outnumber the communist party here now.  That beauty.  I LOVE this country, but I love it with the love God has given me.

The persecution still goes on here.  We may not hear about it as much, but our fellow brothers and sisters fight to worship in freedom ( ).  Today, we came out of the Church emotional and sad.  We wanted to stand up and yell, THIS is not God.

After Church we looked in a few shops, the memories flooding over me.  I remember these women and these shops.

We stopped at Lucy's which serves Amercian food.

By the end of the time at Shamian Island we were EXHAUSTED.  My ankles (for the first time in my life) are swollen (think ham hocks).  So this afternoon I sit with my feet up...thinking through the events of the day.

Thinking of the precious adoptive families I met in passing (one also has nine children and also is a Christian home school mom)...

Thinking of the privilege we have to worship God  (and praying our rights stop eroding)....

Thinking of little Timothy, so sweet and precious, collecting every piece of trash ANYWHERE (chuckle)....

Thinking of home....where we will be at the end of this week...

Thinking of you...thankful you have joined us on this journey....


  1. Love these posts! Love that Timothy is attaching and smiling. He seems to be doing SO well! Praise God!

    But, um, err, ahem, am I the only one who saw those brown puppies and thought they were some sort of fried food? Optical illusion, much? When I saw the next picture and recognized those were puppies, I was a bit horrified! Then, I looked at the brown ones again and was all *facepalm*. LOL!

    1. Okay, I just died laughing. LOVE IT!!!!

    2. You are most definitely not the only one! LOL And I too am loving these updates!


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