Friday, May 13, 2016

Beyond Me

I rocked him to sleep tonight....memorizing every part of his face.  I'm his mommy.  How did I get so blessed?

I tried to look away, because every time I looked at him he'd smile and light up, fighting sleep.

Look at those sweet elf ears...totally in love!

This little, our son...was going to sleep and spending his days in a crib not even three weeks ago.  How has this child, that feels so natural to parent, ever been anywhere but here?

His life has rocked our world.

Today we introduced Timothy to our bud Toby.

Okay, so TobyMac has no idea who we are, but we know his music backward and forward.  "Beyond Me" is our song for this journey.

As we exited the car today "Beyond Me" came on the radio.  I watched Timothy IMMEDIATELY start dancing.  Then our family dancer Ben jumped in.  It ended with our gaggle of family members head banging and rocking out to Mr. Mac.  Someday I'd like to shake his hand, introduce our "Diverse City" and say thank you for all the laughter and joy he's brought our family.

I WISH I had taken a video, but I was enjoying the music and the family too much.

So, a bit sleepy and worn from the day, thank you all for continuing to pray.  It's greatly appreciated.

Timothy  and Jael enjoying a gift from 
our daughter-in-love Elizabeth today.


Prayer Requests
1.    Continued prayers for Tom and Elizabeth (blessing and protection).
2.  Prayers for our grandchild (in utero) and mommy as the pregnancy progresses.  Sarah has to be so careful with the severity of her allergy to wheat (seizures) and she also has to gain a lot of weight (she lost and couldn't gain before her Celiac diagnoses and was only beginning to gain before her pregnancy).  She's doing great, but could use the prayers.
3. For our little man as he transitions.  Specifically that he sees us as different (attachment) and has some stranger fear (showing he sees us as his security) and his sleep. It's easy to look at little ones newly coming home as "friendly".  That may be a bit of it, but often they have no concept of family and view everyone as caregivers initially.
4. For direction as we move forward with so many changes and future changes.
5.  That we can get into a good co-op with home school (in the works) for next year.
6.  For Lexi and I as we struggle with jet-lag (nausea as well) and also that God grows us from this last trip how HE wills.  

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