Sunday, April 24, 2016

Here and Getting Timothy in about 12 hours!!!!

We both tried to sleep the night before we flew out.  Truly we did.  That was a big NOPE.

The first flight was just a little under 2 hours, no biggy.  The second?  Over 13 hours.  That one took my spunk and flipped it over it's back and carried it away.  We were in the middle seats, but had really kind seat mates.  It wasn't horrible.  I found after I gave up sugar (mostly), not only did my blood pressure go down, but my joints stopped hurting when I was still for a long periods.  Actually, Lexi and I took the time to catch up on movies we hadn't seen before.  Many things exploded on my seat back television screen.

We arrived in Beijing tired...beyond tired.  What could we call it?  Hmmm...we arrived smack me down, rhino hit me, exhausted.

We had to grab our check bags (WAY too much and WAY too heavy) and go through passport control and such.

We finally made it here after another flight and Lexi discovering some of the cultural differences here...squid potato chips and squatty potties.

We are now at our hotel!  We get custody of Timothy tomorrow at 10:30am (it's currently 10:14pm here).  If you are talking U.S. time, it's 9:30 tonight central time!!!!

Thank you all for praying us through it!  Please pray for our sweet sons heart, that he LOVES to be held and snuggle...and attaches quickly, beyond what even makes sense. Please also pray protection for those at home (and us) and that we have an opportunity to share Jesus here.  They have had a couple hiccups since we left.

Again, thank you guys.  I must bed.  It's been around 3 hours we've slept in the last 48.  TIME TO BED!!!

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