Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's just a couple of days until we leave.

I've just posted the "all hands on deck" on my Facebook, otherwise known as "AHHHHHHHH!".

Our village keeps us afloat.  We can feel your prayers!

I'm losing my mind on the emotional rollercoaster that adoption at Timothy, sad at leaving kids, fear of unknown...tired from cleaning and packing (chuckle).

We are within days of leaving (Lexi and I).  I hope to post here (or at least ask someone else to if we can't "get through").  It helps me remember God's faithfulness and the reality of each journey.

Today the entire family is cleaning and packing.  Okay, we are all cleaning and I'm packing.

Is this real?  Please tell me it is??!!!

God has brought us this far AGAIN!!!!  He blows us away with HIS provision!!!!! (He has used many of you.  Thank you!)

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we move forward.  Timothy doesn't know us and will most likely be transitioned to us by a social worker within about a 30 minute period.  That's a big thing for a little boy whose world is about to be rocked!  We have no clue if anything we sent (pics and such) were ever given to him or if he was prepared at all.  Sweet boy....

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey!

Prayer Requests:

1.  Please pray that both Lexi , I, and my husband (at home) glorify God through this.  That we are all afforded the opportunity to minister and bring others closer to God.
2. Please pray that the trip is safe and we stay healthy the ENTIRE TIME.  Please pray that Lexi has NO issues with her  type 1 diabetes...NONE (NO blood sugar going low).  Please pray I have endurance as a week down with my back really zapped me.  Please pray for my back.  It's still sore, though much better.
3. Please pray that the family at home is safe and healthy...and we come back together quickly.  Pray for Thomas' health please.  He needs to stay strong and healthy for the kids.
4. Please pray against the plots of the master of lies (and his attacks) against our entire family (including our adult children).    Please pray things that are not of God are held at bay, that satan is blinded, deafened, and silenced (bound). 
5. Please pray that Timothy has peace that passes understanding and that he attaches quicker that we could ever fathom.  Please pray that he wants to be held and loved by his family (stranger fear is not a bad thing for a bit).

6.  This is not as important as the others, but we appreciate a few prayers for baggage that makes it to China and back with us (no getting lost).  It's not as huge, but it would be wonderful! Also, prayers that the time in transit (28 hours there) is uneventful and that there is no nausea or joint/back pain would be appreciated.  Also, being able to sleep would ROCK!

7. For the safety of our grandchild (strength and health...and for Sarah and the pregnancy...for Ivan as he becomes a father).  For Tom (our oldest) and Elizabeth as they embark on a new stage of their relationship!


  1. You have no idea how you have blessed me, though we've never met.
    Thank you for foll

  2. (Sorry about that. I accidentally hit "publish" before I was through. So let me finish...)
    Thank you for following God even when it isn't easy!
    God bless and keep you all. You are in my prayers constantly!


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