Friday, April 29, 2016

Medical (Day 5 with Timothy)

I think the pork jello is getting to me (like an aftershock from an earthquake).  Thankfully, the Kat pharmacy is open and between Sea Bands (yes, they actually work) and promethazine, I've taken my stomach back tonight.  It's not bad, but I've headed it off.

Breakfast (above and below) at our new hotel in Guangzhou.

We spent this morning at Timothy's medical appointment required for him to be able to get his Visa to the United States.

There's something about Timothy that Lexi and I can't say enough.  This little boy is SO sweet.  He has a smile that will someday melt little girl's hearts.

We saw a bit of fear this morning though.  A stranger had to examine him, and the worst part, they were required by law (sometimes enforced, sometimes not) to take him into another room to draw blood for the TB test.  They are concerned about switching samples or some such.  This poor little boy didn't know if his mama would be there when the door opened.

I wondered what went through his mind.  He's just learning what a mama is.  Was he afraid this was it and someone else would walk off with him?  He had no clue why they were hurting him even with their explanations.

It broke my mama heart.

He curled up in my lap on the way home and laid his head on my chest...and fell asleep.

When we arrived home, Lexi and I had a free day and went for a walk down a shop filled street nearby.  We bought almost nothing, but explored.  The streets were so crowded that we eventually became a bit claustrophobic.  We love it here.  It's wild to see all the building be built straight up though.  We have yet to see a house.

The afternoon was spent relaxing in our room with a little boy periodically saying, "Mama...mama mama mama".

He's getting it.  Someday he will believe in forever.  Truthfully, I think family can be that first step in understanding the permanence of God.  We pray Timothy Bryan Bao will come to understand that family on this earth is forever....and that God is beyond that...for eternity.

Thank you all for praying. Please continue praying for his sweet heart and for protection for all of us (especially those back home right now...a bunch of little things are hitting them).  Also, we have some things coming up that have a financial aspect.  We appreciate prayers that God provides quickly.

Thanks friends!!!!

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