Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green Tea and Fish Tanks (Day 2 with Timothy)

I'm trying to keep my eyes open.  It's only 7:30pm here and everyone has been asleep for an hour.  The "13 hours later" stuff and the "I didn't take a nap" stuff has made everyone tired.

I sit here thinking tonight about how 24 hours can make such a difference.  It can be life or death.  It can be single or married.  It can be alone or having a family that overflows its house.  It can also be one little boy, going to sleep a bit fearful...

Marie, notice the blanket he sleeps with at night?

...and waking up to a smiling chatting boy that was having full conversations with us, albeit in Mandarin and baby talk.

He already knows how to pose (smile).
For those of you in the great debate with us, he is in 2T clothing.
The 2T pants are almost too big.

After going down to breakfast this morning, Lexi needed some real coffee.  Our bodies are still on U.S. time.  We headed down the street.

I thought I'd show you our hotel...just a bit...as we walked back.

Our Hotel

This circling door is just cool. It has plants
within the doors.  Yes, we are easily entertained.

Our lobby

9th Floor Hallway

Room 904

Yes, our room looks like it exploded.  My memory is a 
sieve though and I was afraid I'd forget to take a pic later.

This morning was a big morning.  First, some beautiful little (and big) children back home got to meet their brother. (Thomas and Anna had met him earlier.)  They are in love.  Timothy charmed them by repeating all of their names.

We also finalized the adoption of Timothy and received his passport.  We stay in his region only until the paperwork is finished (the day after tomorrow).  It's unbelievable that this little man we saw only in a picture, is in my arms.  He's giggly and sweet.  I think there is still some fear there, but you can see a tender spirit shining out.

Timothy, as we waited downstairs for our guide Steve.

The director (above) and nanny (below) as we signed the papers to finalize Timothy's adoption.
Today he would go to no one but me.  This is good...very very good.

Since our main goal today was staying awake, Lexi and I ventured out once we were back at the hotel.  We went with a guide yesterday, so the walk today was very straight forward.

Chairman Mao

I bet you can never guess where we were going.

Wal-mart is a lot different here, but it's familiar and it's crazy fun to see foods from a different perspective....like in tanks.

Not just lobster, but fish....

....and frogs...and turtles.....

....and...ummmm...what do you think? Duck?

I got a kick of seeing the "Great Value" brand.  

There were many unique flavor profiles.  I imagine 
ours in the U.S. look the same to other countries.

As we headed back, we decided to stop and try a local treat....a green tea McFlurry.   It looks yummy.

It....ummm....was a little like sucking on a green tea bag with no sweetener, but a bit of chocolate.

Timothy thought the same thing.

In the effort to be honest, it tasted THAT BAD.  Lexi and I didn't want to waste it, so we'd take small bites thinking it would grow on us.  Nope, 9/10th went in the trash.  We did laugh all the way through it though.

Timothy just happened to be allergic to it as well and his ear started swelling.  I had packed some liquid Benedryl for just that reason.

We were exhausted by the time we got home.  Timothy hadn't had a nap.

We had NO makeup on, so of course we had to take a picture.  Yup....brilliant (chuckle)....

We are just so in love with this little man.  That anyone could think of him (or any child) as just a number, ARGGGG.

So, though this isn't a "deep" blog post, it a beautiful forming of family blog post.

Actually, I'm not even sure this will make sense tomorrow, but tomorrow we drive and hour and a half to Timothy's orphanage and the site where he was left.  "Catch up" isn't really much of an option since so much is happening each day.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers.  They are still needed for a precious little heart and our family.  Hugs and thanks....

(Ninety percent of photo creds go to Lex.  She's been awesome...a gift.  Neither of us are in a ton of pics as we are feeling our way to NOT feel like we've been hit by an eighteen wheeler...chuckle.)


  1. Beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing even the imperfect pictures. :-) Congratulations.

  2. Beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing even the imperfect pictures. :-) Congratulations.

  3. So precious! Praise the Lord!!


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