Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flying Jello Pig (Day 4 with Timothy)

Today was our last day in Timothy's province.  We went to the breakfast buffet...not a normal breakfast buffet, but a super sized "How much can I eat?" one.

Timothy attempting to eat with a fork for the first time.  

We had to check out of the hotel Crowne Plaza at 12:30.  After a night of talking with my husband who was trying to get things fixed with our bank (We may have told them we were traveling four times and still charges from here were labeled fraud.  We also may have been a wee bit frustrated.) I was TIRED....EXHAUSTED....and blasting Newsboys and Toby Mac at 4am (with earphones).  So basically, it was a normal night (chuckle).

At 12;30 we loaded up the car and headed to the airport.  Truthfully, after an emotionally draining day yesterday, "uneventful" left time for "heart rest" and "processing".  It also left time for loving on a little boy that is just blowing Lexi and I away.

Lexi is in the front seat.  I have proof she was here today.(wink)

We arrived at the airport and maneuvered WAY too much luggage.

Once on the plane we all immediately were lolled to sleep....

Not best pic of me, but he was just being so cute! 
Man, I love this little guy!

..... only to be awoken with a trolley of food.  Fish or pork?  Fish tend to be a bit iffy on flights, so we went with pork.

Opening the cartons, the food looked...interesting.  The rice was good, but the pork swam in a brown nameless stew.  We nibbled and I thought to myself that it was probably some sort of gravy.

I stabbed said pork swimming in...ooze...and popped it in my mouth.

I PROMISE YOU IT WAS PORK FLAVORED JELLO.  I COULDN'T EVEN SWALLOW.  Lexi immediately DIED laughing as I turned green, gagged, and spit it quickly into a napkin.

The texture...

The taste...

Oh, please just shoot me now...(I thought)

I still felt like vomiting.  (Lexi was still laughing and I must admit I rotated from SEVERE nausea to laughing.)  Food does NOT make me sick.  I tend to be adventurous.  I may never be quite as "jump into it again".

Of course Lexi pops off with the fact that it's  "Flying Jello Pigs".

Oh my, I'm getting nauseous again as I write this.

All that is to say that we made it to the Holiday Inn in Guangzhou.  I have fallen in love with China and look forward to tomorrow, though since it's Timothy's medical....well, he may not be.

I am exhausted and still need to hop in the shower (and rinse away the memory of pork flavored jello).

Thank you all for the support of the posting yesterday.  It was a glimpse of my heart broken. I will share more of the actual visit to the orphanage another time.  You may wonder how I can go to deep and heart this.  One has to process.  I have only begun.  So I look at my son and find joy.  I crack up at stupid and silly things with Lexi.  I live, so I can TRY to process this.

So, in the meantime.

...have a sweet sleep and dream of flying jello pigs....or pork flavored chunky jello....



  1. berk ! you are making me feel sick ! ;)
    have a good rest !

  2. Sounds like something I had at a Chinese restaurant. It was "pork blood". Really. Supposed to be healthy, full of iron I think.


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