Thursday, April 7, 2016

Congressional Medal of Honor

While I make list upon list upon list for our upcoming "Timothy Trip", life continues.

Thomas took Anna (15) to a motorcade for the Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress.

The other middles were in their co-op class.  Thomas' boss happens to be a part a combat veterans motorcycle association (thus Thomas got in on a really cool event).  We are thankful that we can witness these things.  It's our want/wish to instill respect in the children for those who are willing to give their lives for our freedom, and the freedom of others.  I really hope someday we can all go.

Five hundred plus motorcycles escorting honored veterans.  It filled my heart to see the pictures of the honor...the patriotism.  

Look at right in the middle of his vest.
Very Cool

Thomas, maybe drooling a little, over the motorcycles (hee hee).  
There were some seriously beautiful ones. 
We don't ride, but that doesn't mean 
we don't know pretty when we see it :-).  
Woops, sorry...
not pretty, amazingly manly(?). 

These pictures filled my heart.  Apparently something was at every bridge.

I'm so thankful for the chance to honor our vets, specifically the recipients of the Medal of Honor.  My husband served for 6 1/2 years and I'm thankful to understand the sacrifice of these men (and their families) even for just a little bit.

Thank you for joining our family as we travel toward bringing Timothy home.  It's an amazing gift for us to parent this little boy.  We are not good or great, God is.

Thank you for continuing on in prayer with us!

1. PLEASE pray (IF God Wills) that we have a year of peace and deliverance. That we may be able to use this year to minister to our children and others.
2. We pray for God to be glorified and magnified. That this adoption may move others hearts for HIM. That HE may use this journey to draw people into Him and spur people to adopt.
3. Please pray for all the paperwork to be correct, without mistake, in this adoption.
4. Please pray that Timothy is protected and prepared to attach easier than could ever be expected. That God implants us on Timothy's heart and that he is given dreams of us. That his fear is minimal when he meets us, but that it be because he KNOWS us.
5. Please pray our time in country is peaceful, without illness (which often happens), safe, but most importantly...may it be a time of ministering to others. May we have the opportunity to reach people for Jesus. Please also pray that those at home have a peaceful and safe time...and we all come back together quickly.
6. Please pray Lexi (my travel buddy/niece/fellow insane person) has NO issues with her diabetes while in country. That in no way she gets ill (can be really hard on blood sugar levels). Please pray that all her medicine (vital) stays safe and we ALWAYS know exactly where it is).
7. Please pray protection for our family, that the master of lies is blinded, deafened, and silenced. Please pray for the health of every member of our family (especially Thomas, that he is healed completely). 
8. Please pray for energy for Thomas and I. The stress of the last year has taken it's toll. We've stopped focusing on health and we need to be. We need to get weight off that was gained over this period (for our health and endurance). The recovered energy, from the battle of this last year, would be such a blessing.
9. Please pray for our daughter Sarah. Her health issues were huge and scary this last year. Celiac is not something to take lightly (especially when it causes Grand-Mal seizures). Please pray their baby and Sarah are strong and healthy...healthy baby, mommy, and birth...and our grandchild is passionate and driven for God, with beautiful humbleness.
10. Please pray for the house fix what we need to in the house (or for the fixes to be provided).  
11. Please pray we hear God clearly and obey Him promptly.
Thank you friends!!

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  1. Way cool! I was born in an Army hospital (Korean War), Dad retired Army, my Tom served 11 years. WAY COOL! (((HUGS)))
    We have been praying a lot for y'all (don't get to say that much in MN), I have been very busy, SP has inoperable brain cancer. (our Group Home gal) God is Good, and I am way too busy.


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