Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Thomas has been transferred and we have some answers.  We never do anything normal in our family (smile...cough  wheeze).

Thomas went to the ER Sunday with Bacterial Pneumonia.  He had been exposed on Monday taking care of a sweet person who he didn't know had it.  On Sunday he went to the hospital ears swollen and blue, trying to get a breath.  It was just the beginning of the pneumonia (could tell by the x-rays) and the beginning of sepsis (blood work).  They hit it hard and immediately with two hugely strong antibiotics, did breathing treatments, and took gallons of blood (well, it seemed like it).

His blood work started bouncing back quickly.

Yet, he got sicker.

He had viral pneumonia.  How in the world?

They think that he was exposed to the Flu in the ER (maybe)....either last Monday or this Sunday.  He caught the flu and in his weakened state and...ta da...viral pneumonia.

That is the current theory.  They are treating him with oxygen and IVs.  He's still hospitalized, but at least we know how it originated.  Now they let it run its course and try to head off other infections that can come from it....

.....and now I'm sick.  Pffttt....going to the doc tomorrow.

 Yup, this week may be a little interesting.

We appreciate all prayers for health, and of course the prayers we posted on Monday.  Wait, was that really yesterday?  Wooooo....

Thanks friends...

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