Friday, March 11, 2016


He came home around 6:30 tonight.  I tucked him in bed, made sure that he had what he needed and headed back to a local clinic with the twins.

Thomas is laughing and that's how I know he'll be okay.  He had stopped.  That was something I didn't talk about a lot.  It was pretty scary.  My husband always laughs and jokes.

He's back though...the goof.

He's been through the ringer....
Bacterial Pneumonia
Viral Pneumonia

He's on industrial strength meds and is still pretty weak.  He had a low grade fever tonight.

He still needs prayer on the continued healing of his lungs and body, though he's doing much better.

Thank you for praying him through this point!

As for the rest of us, they are dropping like flies.

I took the twins to the doctors tonight as soon as we got Thomas home and settled.  Rachel had a 104 fever and Gabe a 103 fever.  Max is full on mid flu.  Anna, Bekah, and Jael seem to have something VERY mildly.  Our oldest Tom is Batman apparently, so of course he didn't catch it.  Our Ben has the immune system of an Ox, so he's not shown any signs (though we are keeping an eye on him).

Random thought from a sleep deprived mom:  How good is an Ox's immune system?  Can they catch an Ox cold?  Has anyone ever studied their immune systems?

Obviously I should be in bed and not typing, but you all have prayed so fervently that I wanted to drop on here and share!  Thank you all for your continued prayers for my husband, family, and our adoption of Timothy.



  1. So glad Thomas is home! Praise God!

  2. I had been checking!! I noticed that blogger does not send these for 24 HOURS!! UGH!! We have/are been praying. So happy Daddy is home! ((((((((HUGS)))))))))


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