Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Rollercoaster Update

Wow, life doesn't seem to stop here.  It's this crazy wild rollercoaster called life that leaves me breathless at times (of which only a portion we can share here).

It has such HIGH HIGHS!!!!

In case you need to think about I did (chuckle)...Ice Ice Baby.
Photographer: Little Sis Anna, soon to be Aunt Anna

Such as finding out Saturday (a beautiful surprise to everyone involved) that our son-in-love Ivan and our daughter Sarah are expecting our FIRST GRANDCHILD!!!!!  Coming December 2016

Such as our adoption of Timothy BEING FULLY FUNDED through a anonymous donation through our Church!!!

...or it COULD be that we got our Travel Approval from Timothy's country on Monday!!!! (We are still trying to firm up travel dates between a trade show near the consulate and a local holiday.)

We had some hard stuff....or maybe I should say weird stuff.  NO JOKE...REALLY WEIRD!  Long very detailed crazy story though.  Not for the internet (at this point, but we WILL share someday).

So, as you can see life has kind of ran away with us.  We appreciate all your continued prayers.  Below I'm posting a list of prayers that we greatly appreciate you praying through.  Thank you for joining our crazy fun life!!!!

Also, if you've emailed me in the last month or so, drop me a line again (pretty please!).  My email has eaten them before I could reply.  Again, little weird

1. We have some unexpected expenses that have popped up now that our adoption is fully funded (of course...chuckle).  Having used most of our tax return and bonus for the adoption, we have no "extra funds" coming in for around another year.  We could use prayers for funds to be present.  We KNOW God gives good gifts!!!
2. . Please pray for our daughter Sarah. Her health issues were huge and scary this last year. Celiac is not something to take lightly (especially when it causes grand-mal seizures). Please pray their baby and Sarah are strong and healthy...healthy baby, healthy mommy, and healthy birth...and our grandchild is passionate and driven for God.

3. Please pray for the cattle on a thousand hills (a bit more) to make some fixes we need to not put off in the house.   

Prayer Requests
1. We pray for God to be glorified and magnified. That this adoption may move others hearts for HIM. That HE may use this journey to draw people into Him and spur people to adopt.
2. Please pray for all the paperwork to be correct, without mistake.
3. Please pray that Timothy is protected and prepared to attach easier than could ever be expected. That God implants us on Timothy's heart and that he is given dreams of us. That his fear is minimal when he meets us, but that it be because he KNOWS us.
4. Please pray our time in country is peaceful, without illness (which often happens), safe, but most importantly...may it be a time of ministering to others. May we have the opportunity to reach people for Jesus. Please also pray that those at home have a peaceful and safe time...and we all come back together quickly.
5. Please pray Lexi (my travel buddy/niece/fellow insane person) has NO issues with her type 1 diabetes while in country. That in no way she gets ill (can be really hard on blood sugar levels). Please pray that all her medicine (vital) stays safe and we ALWAYS know exactly where it is.
6, Please pray protection for our family, that the master of lies is blinded, deafened, and silenced. Please pray for the health of every member of our family (especially Thomas, that he is healed completely). Please pray (IF God Wills) that we have a year of peace and deliverance. That we may be able to use this year to minister to our children and others.
7. Please pray for energy for Thomas and I. The stress of the last year has taken it's toll. We've stopped focusing on health and we need to be. We need to get weight off that was gained over this period (for our health and endurance). The recovered energy, from the battle of this last year, would be such a blessing.
8. I would like to ask for a prayer for the children. They have gone through a lot this last year. It has been high stress for a long time. They have pitched in beyond what we would've asked. My heart yearns for joy, for fun, for a time of lightheartedness and a time of refreshing for them....a time where they can just be children and not worry, just for a bit. The kids have just been heavy on my heart. Only whatever is GOD'S WILL...seriously. This is my mama heart speaking.
9. Please pray we hear God clearly and obey Him promptly.
10.  Please pray God's blessing on our current journey with our family.

Thank you all!!!  Now to close my eyes for a bit :-).


  1. Wonderful news! You will LOVE being a Grandma! I was 40 when my first grand was born! She turns 19 next month- YIKES!! Oh yeah AND she was my first namesake (yeah there are 2 Elizabeth Grands lol!) So Sarah- just sayin- Kat is a great name.......well if its a girl! :o)
    (((HUGS))) and always always always praying!


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