Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Countdown Has Started

The clock has started.

Step One: Our Article 5 will be submitted this Monday (tonight in the U.S.).  Exactly two weeks later it will be picked up.

Step Two: We wait for our Travel Assignment (TA) or travel dates.  This step was taking around one week.  There is a glitch in Timothy's country right now and sometimes they're still taking a week and sometimes they are taking a bit longer.

Step Three: Two weeks from the day we receive our travel date, we will be on a plane to meet Timothy!!!

That's a possibility of traveling in five weeks.

Our guess is we will travel between  April 11th (5 weeks is typical at this point) and May 2nd (8 weeks).

I am stunned.  It seems unbelievable that our family of 12 (including Jonathan in Heaven) will become a family of 13.  I cannot believe the blessing poured out on our family again.

I mean look at this little guy....

How can we do anything but long to wrap him in our arms?

Yes, his little legs we ADORE.  He will be bearing through surgery, probably several.  Prayerfully he will walk with aid.  His knees look to be locked.  There are a couple diagnoses that we are suspecting that it will be one of.  This is the first time we go to look at those toes.  OH MY...those toes are so cute!!!

And yes, I'm dropping these pictures slowly.  I look at them like the sight of him is just absorbing into my very heart.

Also, I'm a bit cruel...(chuckle).

Really, it's taking everyone to bring him home though, through prayer, through financial blessing, through just giving us a shoulder.  I don't know how God will do it.  Often, when I guess, I'm wrong.  I have no clue.

In two weeks we will need $3000.

In three weeks we will probably need at least $5,000 of the $10,000 we need for travel.  We will have to buy plane tickets and reserve hotel rooms.

In four weeks we need the remainder of the travel funds to insure the money is there.

$13,000 in four weeks.

God brought about $9070 in two weeks last time.

I know HE has cattle on a thousand hills.

Tomorrow night at 9pm CST many of our friends will meet in our own houses and pray for Timothy, all our children, and our family.  Thank you to any who wish to join us. Prayer is powerful. Tomorrow I will post my very favorite new picture of Timothy (now the screen background on my phone).  I will share our specific prayer requests.  Some, we just can't share online, but if you wish for more detailed prayer....just email us  at 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net.

Thank you...I have NO clue how our Heavenly Father will do this, but I have 100% confidence that Timothy is HIS.  He led us.  HE WILL REIGN.

Thank you for joining us as we wait in anticipation.  SO STINKIN' EXCITING!!!!!

"...for every animal of the forest is mine,

    and the cattle on a thousand hills." Psalm 50:10



Today (and next day or so):
*Please pray the paperwork that we need to be submitted tonight (in the U.S.) is and done quickly and correctly.  Please pray other  paperwork we need is able to be given (with joy).

The next days:
*The funds we need feel like we need "cattle on a thousand hills".  Please pray our cattle comes in. God knows our needs.
*Please pray for energy for Thomas and I.  I know this may sound funny, but the stress of the last year (only about half has been shared publicly, some day we hope to) has taken it's toll.  We've stopped focusing on health and we need to be.  We also feel a bit drained with all the medical scares last year (as well as a few other things).  We appreciate prayers for health for our whole family (and energy).
*Please pray that the fixes we need to make to are home (misc.) can be done quickly, financially taken care of somehow.  The master of lies loves to mess with those that are chasing after God (houses, finances, etc.).  Most of you have experienced this personally.
*Please pray for Timothy (and any future children) that he is protected and prepared to attach beyond what can even be expected.  That God implants us on his heart and that he is given dreams (and any future children).
*Please pray protection for our family, that the master of lies is blinded, deafened, and silenced.
*Please pray we hear God clearly and obey Him promptly.


Total Needed $13,000 (approximate)
Payment due in maybe 2 weeks:  $3000.00
Travel Funding within 3-5 weeks (We need to purchase plane tickets quickly when our Travel Assignment comes.): $10,000

Funds can be donated through our YouCaring Site to the side of this blog.  To send funds by PayPal our email address is 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net . Funds can also be sent to our agency (tax deductible and they will send you a receipt).  Please put our names on the memo line.  
Memo: For Thomas and Kat Adoption

Wasatch International Adoptions
attention: Thomas and Kat Adoption
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403

If you wish to send funds directly, please feel free to email us.  We just don't feel comfortable putting our address on the internet.

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