Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Official

It's official.  I have the flu with a possible secondary infection (on Tamiflu, Z-pack, and night cough meds).  I can't visit Thomas any more in the hospital.  He (and my) immune systems are too compromised.  My oldest is masking up and going to see dad (and bring him some things) later.

Thomas is nauseous and vomiting still.  This is fairly new, as of yesterday.  Please petition God for Thomas' health.

Thank you for all the continued prayers.  I'm parenting laying down from bed today.  The kids have to be masked to come in and hang out and hand sanitize a TON.

The pic above cracks me up.  Look at Ben...that goof ball!!!!

Please keep praying for the adoption.  It's easy to lose sight (while feeling so bad and really worried about my husband) of how quickly things are moving.

You can find the prayer requests below!


These are the prayers that we put before you.

1. We pray for God to be glorified and magnified.  That this adoption may move others hearts for HIM.  That HE may use this journey to draw people into Him and spur people to adopt.

2. Please pray for all the paperwork to be correct, without mistake, in this adoption. 

3.Please pray that the paperwork we are waiting for (IF it is God's Will) is given with joy...soon.

4. We are praying very specifically for $13,000 to complete Timothy's adoption.  We ask for prayers that it comes quickly and is so obviously GOD (which we think in ANY case it would be   The funds we need feels like we need the cattle on a thousand hills.  Please pray this "cattle" comes in.

5. Please pray that Timothy is protected and prepared to attach easier than could ever be expected.  That God implants us on his heart and that he is given dreams of us.   That his fear is minimal when he meets us, but that it be because he KNOWS us.

6. Please pray our time in country is peaceful, without illness (which often happens), safe, but most importantly...may it be a time of ministering to others.  May we have the opportunity to reach people for Jesus. Please pray everyone stays safe at home and we all come back together.

7. Please pray protection for our family, that the master of lies is blinded, deafened, and silenced.  Please pray for the HEALTH of every member of our family (ESPECIALLY Thomas, that he is completely healed). Please pray (IF God Wills) that we have a year of peace and deliverance.  That we may be able to use this year to minister to our children and others.

8. Please pray that the fixes we need to make to our home (misc.) can be done quickly, financially taken care of somehow.  That someone's heart may be touched and the fixes done. 

9. Please pray for energy for Thomas and I.  The stress of the last year has taken it's toll.  We've stopped focusing on health and we need to be.  We need to get weight off that was gained over this period (for our health and endurance).   The recovered energy, from the battle of this last year, would be such a blessing.

10. Please pray we hear God clearly and obey Him promptly.

 Thank you!


  1. The flu hit us too, but thankfully I am the only one that got seriously knocked out. Our special needs girly got it first and got over it the quickest! I am very thankful that she is so resilient, but it makes me wonder what is UP with the rest of us. So sorry you can't visit Thomas. Praying!

  2. Oh man! We had the flu and it was bad.
    Darn!! This stinks! We are/have/continue to pray.
    Thank Goodness for electronics so you can still "visit" with Tom.

  3. I love the picture, but I'm SO sorry you're sick! -Praying for you this morning, and hoping to see an update of your improvement soon. Praying for Thomas also.


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