Saturday, March 5, 2016

And a Time of Beautiful (Timothy)

Yesterday God sent several into my path to help me "hold it together".

My friend Melanie called a the day started.  Yes, it probably should have started a couple hours earlier, but....

We are at a place in life that (in many ways) is the same.  They are a large special needs adoptive family.  Their son Judd was at the same institution that Benjamin lived...and Jonathan passed away.  We often talk, laugh, and get a little snarky.

Later (though she may not realize what a ministry her encouragement is)  Rebekah emailed.  We've never met, but she prayed...encouraged...supported (she, her family, her Church) us through Jonathan, Benjamin, and now Timothy's adoptions.  Her words are encouraging and her heart is right there with us.  It was a sunny spot in my mopey, weary day.

Later, MamaV commented on yesterday's blog post.  She had me dying laughing.  MamaV, you need to drop me an email.  We'd get along WAY too well (laughing).

Then as my super cape got left on the floor, an email came...and another...and another...WITH PICTURES!!!!!

Oh friends, we have new pictures of Timothy!  He's beautiful and precious.  We have a little more idea of what to expect (possible) when it comes to his legs.

Oh happy mama heart!

Though I will be posting more later, here's a hint of our little man, weighing in around 27 lbs at almost four years old.  He has such precious little elf ears.  Yes, he is standing.  His knees (we suspect) are locked and his feet have serious issues.

My husband (after we just let our hearts fill up) said, "We need to get him another outfit." (Chuckle)

We are in love, head over heals, blessed beyond words! 


(As I write this a beautiful red Cardinal stood on our front path, his mate joining him.  

“For this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations,
    and sing praises to your name." 2 Samuel 22:50

Here are our current prayer requests, with current financial need below.  On Monday, March 7th at 9:00pm CST, people are joining us around the U.S. (and the world) from their homes and praying for Timothy and our family.  We welcome (and thank you) for joining us.


Today (and next day or so):
*Please pray the paperwork that we need to be submitted is.  Please pray that the paperwork we need is able to be given (with joy).

The next days:
*The funds we need feel like we need "cattle on a thousand hills".  Please pray our cattle comes in. God knows our needs.
*Please pray for energy for Thomas and I.  I know this may sound funny, but the stress of the last year (only about half has been shared publicly, some day we hope to) has taken it's toll.  We've stopped focusing on health and we need to be.  We also feel a bit drained with all the medical scares last year (as well as a few other things).  We appreciate prayers for health for our whole family (and energy).
*Please pray that the fixes we need to make to are home (misc.) can be done quickly, financially taken care of somehow.  The master of lies loves to mess with those that are chasing after God (houses, finances, etc.).  Most of you have experienced this personally.
*Please pray for Timothy (and any future children) that he is protected and prepared to attach beyond what can even be expected.  That God implants us on his heart and that he is given dreams (and any future children).
*Please pray protection for our family, that the master of lies is blinded, deafened, and silenced.
*Please pray we hear God clearly and obey Him promptly.


Total Needed $13,000 (approximate)
Payment due in maybe 2 weeks:  $3000.00
Travel Funding within 3-5 weeks (We need to purchase plane tickets quickly when our Travel Assignment comes.): $9000-$10,000

Funds can be donated through our YouCaring Site to the side of this blog.  To send funds by PayPal our email address is 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net . Funds can also be sent to our agency (tax deductible and they will send you a receipt).  Please put our names on the memo line.  
Memo: For Thomas and Kat Adoption

Wasatch International Adoptions
attention: Thomas and Kat Adoption
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403

If you wish to send funds directly, please feel free to email us.  We just don't feel comfortable putting our address on the internet.


  1. Look at him working hard with the legs he has! Good boy!
    Also, I am glad you enjoyed my comment. I figure if a grown woman (is THAT what I am?) is going to pee all over everything, she can laugh about it or cry about it. Or tell the whole bloggy world about it...

    1. Bwhahahaaaa....yup, and it's not just during pregnancy! kids know that after three births if you get a bad cough.....

      I love being real, don't you? :-)

    2. Being real rocks. Seems like it only gets more hilarious the older you get...

    3. God is so GOOD!! That picture just BLESSES my socks off! Thank You for sharing it! PRAISE GOD!
      (and Thank You is such a small thing to say to someone who has my back. But Thank You so much precious Kat!)


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