Saturday, February 27, 2016

Perspective~Please Pray

Today, half a world away in Eastern Europe, a woman lost her husband.  She and her husband, from the U.S., were finishing their last days in country while adopting two new little special needs boys.

He passed away unexpectedly in their apartment/hotel.

Across the seas a woman is widowed, in a foreign land, with two children who have to be scared anyway (with so much change).  She has to be torn...broken...away from some of her children that need her and caring for two new little ones that need her.

I cannot fathom.

Please pray for the Quesenberry Family.  If you wish to aid them with so many unexpected expenses, you can go here.   They need to get

I was feeling a little nervous today.  Our Provisional Approval came from immigration yesterday. This means we are likely 6-8 weeks from travel.  Six to eight weeks from needing all the funds.

Yet, I am treasuring today.  I am looking at my husband and kids.  I want Timothy home, yes....oh yes....but today we spend in prayer for the Quesenberry family.  Please join me.

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