Sunday, February 28, 2016

More~Continued Prayers

Please continue to pray for Natalie Quesenberry and her family.

She and her husband Eric (and another of their children) were in Bulgaria adopting their two newest special needs sons, when he had a massive heart attack at the apartment and passed away.   She is in Bulgaria making arrangements.   Please continue to pray.  Thank you those who have financially helped.

A friend shared today there is also a precious blessing locally who started choking on a piece of bread and they couldn't dislodge it in route.  This little one is struggling to survive in the hospital.  She is on life support and they will be doing a brain scan to determine brain activity.  PLEASE pray for that scan and even more for this little girl.  Her name is Annabel.  She is a toddler and has only been home from China 6 months.

May God's Hand rest on these families.

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