Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hacking, Red Hair, and The Kitty



(The new rap song by Kat.  I actually mentally did a rap in my head, but decided not to embarrass myself.)

I have an upper respiratory infection.  Not breathing, not a good thing (in case you didn't know).

I woke up this morning and KNEW.  I've had these just a few times in my life, but when you start coughing up life forms, you know.

So today I stay simple and  share a picture of our porcelain girl with her new hair color.

Our oldest daughter has ALWAYS been blond, but she decided she wanted a change...if only for even a year.

I think she pulls it off.

Sarah and her husband Ivan at a local Christian concert.

I also think I'll throw in a picture of our multipurpose bear.

This is what my mind does when I'm sick.  The "mind train" jumps from one track to another.


As we wait for adoption news, updated pictures of our son, ANY information (chuckle) and funds....
I will rest, since that's obviously what my body needs.  The above shows mind resting (cough..giggle).

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Here's where we are on funds (prayer requests below).

Payment due last week: $1185.00 needed (from $9070.00!!!!)
Payment due in maybe 4 weeks:  $3000.00
Travel Funding: $9000-$10,000
Funds can be donated through our YouCaring Site to the side of this blog.  They can also be sent to our agency (tax deductible and they will send you a receipt).  Please put our names on the memo line.
Memo: For Thomas and Kat Adoption

Wasatch International Adoptions
attention: Thomas and Kat Adoption
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403

Prayer Requests
*For us to do God's will, discernment, direction, and God's Glory.
*For Timothy to be prepared beyond what even makes sense.  That he will attach quickly and thoroughly (and for his protection).
*For the remainder of the funds to be provided.  (Our wish would be soon, but really...whatever God's timing is for HIS perfect Glory.)


Friends have blogged about our family recently.  Many of you know them and may have seen them.  I thought I'd share with you these posts.

Hope Soap for Timothy by my friend Melanie Hartman on her blog "Happy Hartman Farm"

Lord, When? by my friend Julia Nalle on her blog "Micah 6:8"


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