Sunday, February 14, 2016

Deep Breath and Trying Not to Hide

I try to be honest on here.  I often stand in confidence.  God spoke so much about a week ago.  

Then there are days...where being human kicks my rear and I have to take a deep breath.  I struggle

You see, last Tuesday some fees were officially "due".  Our agency has been wonderful.  We have $6500 of what we need to send in.  There is $2570 that we still don't have....that we needed last week.

Four to six weeks (most likely) after that, another $3000.00 will be due.

That brings the total to $5570.00 to complete the United States side of this adoption VERY quickly.

Then we have travel.   The families that have just traveled are saying it's taking 8-10 weeks from where we are at.  Travel is about another $9000.00 (guesstimate).  Only two of us will travel, but it's still a lot.

God will work how He works. We appreciate all prayer and know God has purposes for everyone's finances and it may not be our Timothy. His Plans will be fulfilled in HIS way. There are many in need. If God prompts you to join this journey to Timothy financially, there are ways to give below.

We know it may seem crazy to some that we stepped forward without the funds. The truth is that when God says go, you GO. It was very clearly God's leading. We don't go forward without fear. I wish I could say that. We DO go forward knowing that we are honored to follow God even if we can't see every step. I have had days recently of wanting to bury my head in the sand and contemplating the fetal position. I've also had many days of God speaking and confidence and joy. Please pray for this journey, as well as peace while we wait...and that God is preparing Timothy's heart to attach quickly and thoroughly (it isn't always that way).

If you wish to give, you can donate to our International adoption agency (any amount up to the $5570) and to our YouCaring site (any amount).  The YouCaring link is at the side of this blog.

Wasatch International Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403
Please put on the memo line: For Thomas and Kat adoption of Timothy

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