Thursday, February 25, 2016

Be Willing~Where We Are Now

My daughter Bekah is coughing on the couch, we are within an hour of taking her to the clinic.  Something may just be in the water because we have a bunch of bickering around here.  I may have had a few "not my best" Mommy moments the last couple days.

Yet my kids came home from Church last night with these.

I admit tears in my eyes.

They all came home talking about giving it all to God.  THIS...THIS is what we reiterate with our kids.  HOLD NOTHING BACK.

We are not perfect and never will be.  Our sin in itself says we do not obey everything God has set before us....but BE WILLING.


Over the last few days we have had one encouragement after another.  We have also seen the spiritual battle...the unseen battle.... going on around us in crazy ways.  From two emails (that led to encouragement) that were the ONLY TWO that did not come into our *shake your head* events.

Things are happening over here.

Last night we had a call with the lead social worker (from what I understand) at Wasatch International Adoptions.  He blew us away with the ministry of his life and the testament to fighting for hurt kids.  I guarantee we have him listed as a resource should hard (or new to us) stuff comes up.  It was encouraging...and was like a reality check.  This is happening.  We are getting closer to our son.

They had to do this call.  They do it with every family in this stage to insure they are prepared.  He understood we were.  Yes, we know we have limited information about Timothy.  Our doctors are prepared.  Yes, we don't know if he will ever walk, if surgery will aid him, or if he will be in a wheel chair.  We know the risks.  We know some rough stuff we could be facing.  Really, we know how much we don't know.

It's coming though.  I keep thinking I need to get back to exercising (it went by the wayside when everyone got sick including me).  We will need the endurance.  There's a lot of walking.  I keep thinking I need to freeze a bunch of meals, seven (every other night) for when we are gone and seven for when we get back.  I keep thinking I need to make lists of routines, get my ducks in a row, and make some fixes on the house if money will ever allow.

There's a lot, but what it all comes down to is Timothy.

Oh son, how my mommy heart hurts to know you are alone...alone in a crowded room.  I pray you have a friend.  I pray you have a caretaker that loves you.  I know GOD is with you.

We don't feel worthy to do this....we don't.  God is so good.

Thank you to you who are giving and especially praying (giving in another way).  We've have had about $20 coming in a day.  That twenty dollars has added $300 to an empty adoption account (we have a separate account for adoption).  That is $300 to the $13,000 we need...when our account was empty again just days ago.  It means so much and is such an encouragement!

I know many may think we have some rich donors.  I want you to know, so many gave out of their struggles.  I share this to encourage you.   These are just a few of the donors....
College Students
Single Mothers
Families struggling to meet their own bills

People are giving from their hearts.  My heart itself just can't explain the gratitude.  They aren't rich....or maybe they are.  They are rich in what really of our Heavenly of the orphan.

Please continue to pray for our family.  It's beautiful to see what God is doing and how God is moving.  Please pray for the Saunders family as Linny (mommy) is in country with one of their daughters bringing home two beautiful children.

"Come and hear, all you who fear God;
    let me tell you what he has done for me."  Psalm 66:16

Please continue to pray for our family...
I am listening to the portion of the movie Facing the Giants that always touches me. 
"Two farmers were praying for rain, but only one prepared his fields to receive it. Who do you think believed God was going to answer?"
I am determined to prepare for rain. Cleaning my house.  Preparing life for Timothy. Home schooling my kids, to get the routine started. We are preparing for rain.

2. For our faith as we "prepare our fields"
3. For Timothy and any future children...that they (and our family) are protected against spiritual and physical attacks. That they (and all of us) attach quickly and thoroughly...and that time in country is peaceful and precious. That Timothy is ministered to until we get there.
4. For God to provide the remainder of the funds ($12,000-$13,000+) ....for this adoption and for and fixes in our house to be done. That looks crazy as I write that. God has cattle on a thousand hills. I trust HIM!!!!
5. Please also pray for wellness, no illness in our house, and for routine to come back so that as we transition we have as much normalcy as we can.
Thank you friend for helping us PREPARE FOR RAIN!!!!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support to bring Timothy home. We have no new information yet on Timothy, but our agency and a wonderful group called "Ladybugs and Love from Above" are trying to get some info (and pictures...PRAYING).

Here's where we are on funds.
Payment of $9070 SENT (that we did not have two weeks earlier)
Payment due in maybe 3-4 weeks:  $3000.00 (Currently have $300 of that :-))
Travel Funding: $9000-$10,000
Funds can be donated through our YouCaring Site to the side of this blog.  To send funds by PayPal our email address is 1thomkat (at) verizon (dot) net . Funds can also be sent to our agency (tax deductible and they will send you a receipt).  Please put our names on the memo line.  
Memo: For Thomas and Kat Adoption

Wasatch International Adoptions
attention: Thomas and Kat Adoption
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403

Friends have blogged about our family recently.  Many of you know them and may have seen them.  I thought I'd share with you these posts.

Hope Soap for Timothy by my friend Melanie Hartman on her blog "Happy Hartman Farm"

Lord, When? by my friend Julia Nalle on her blog "Micah 6:8"


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