Sunday, December 27, 2015


I have talked to Bambi.  For those of you who haven't read the last post, there were a series of tornadoes near here.  They were the closest we've ever seen.  We spent some time huddling in the bathroom too.

My daughter's coworker and her family lost everything.  She, her husband, two sons, brother, and father had no warning besides the sound of the tornado.  That they survived is a miracle.

Some have asked how they can help.  They are in shock right now.  They have to absorb this...process.

There is a way that those near and far can help.

The events of last night were terrifying.    Their immediate needs are food and clothes, but roads to get them things are just not really readily passable.  It will take a couple of days.  They are staying at an uncle fairly far away and yes, insurance will step up, but that can take a bit of time.

Email gift cards are the easiest thing to do at this point.  This way they can get what they need as they realize they need it.

IF you would like to help in this way, email me at everlasting_momentum(at) and I will get you the details.

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