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It Wasn't Me

In some ways I'm not a huge social media fan.  It's a time sucker.  You can walk by the computer (or phone) and it can act as a magnet.  It also seems to be a purveyor of drama.

Last year, though, I discovered a little page on Facebook called "On This Day".  It shows all post or words shared on this day throughout the years.

A few days ago I found a note I had written, not hear on the blog, but solely as a Facebook note.  Though I'm editing a bit, I thought I'd share it with you.

Written originally December 16th, 2009 and rewritten December 16th, 2015

The core foundation of our belief is centered around God’s word, the Bible. 

It is no less vital than the core of the human body, the heart (pumping blood to all the organs), the nervous system, the veins, the muscles.

On a relational level, prayer (which transforms our lives through communication with our Heavenly Father) is as important as breathing.  Fellowship works as muscles and tendons, attaching us together as a fully function body of Christ. The body’s movement, or service, is the point where all are working together to complete a task set before us.  There are numerous parallels that can be made between our walk with God and our human body.

This body is God’s body (physically and spiritually), belonging to Him. 

I found myself asking, do I fight Him or it or do we surrender spiritually and physically? Do I build fences around the temple of the Holy Spirit that prevent the total surrender (and peace) that God intended for us? Do I block communication? Action? The flowing blood of Christ in our lives when we've accepted salvation? 

Fences, those lovely fences, beautiful and ornate, seductive and tempting…. 

Off and on I think one of the biggest challenges is the invisible fence.  It is more like a chameleon, changing to mimic it’s surroundings so we don’t notice it.

 As a Christian one of my biggest fears is that I , our culture, and our upbringing have built fences preventing the closeness with our Father in Heaven that He has (with grace) offered to us. These invisible fences are so deceptive and insidious that often we find that they have always been a part of our thinking. It is like they are a part of our very being and creation. 

I have witnessed events that have caused division.  As individuals we may see things as a matter of Salvation or Biblical principles, instead of what they really are.... a matter of comfort or tradition. 

The thing is we haven’t been very comfortable lately. We had been visiting two Churches that made us very uncomfortable for two very different reasons. 

*One Church is very modern, in a way we’ve never experienced before, and totally thinks outside the box. 
*Another Church is challenging in it’s teaching that it’s almost painful and refuses to let us sit down and be comfortable. 

Both these Churches follow the Bible. Neither is seeking to go against God’s word. They are very different and they both take us out of our comfort zones. You see, we had these fences up that God has been slowly tearing down so that we can see Him more clearly and purely, based on His word

Side note:  Often we base things on our words and thoughts, not the Bible.  We make opinion, salvation.  We make comfort, Biblical fact.

We continue to build fences, not being willing to give up little joys or comforts that we label as "acceptable". We make rules based on nothing but what we want. Marinating in the power of our choices (or lack of). We don’t ask or seek God about these rules, instead we base them on what we are comfortable with, what we’ve always been told is appropriate, or what the world (which can one of the scariest to base belief on) is putting out there. We forget the absolute authority of God and absolute truth becomes "what makes me feel good" truth.

In today's world we hear grumbling.  The Word of God is being changed because it doesn't make us comfortable.  Sin is not sin.  We put up cultural fences that keep us from a closer and more deliberate relationship with God.

"They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised." Romans 1:25 

All these fences preventing us from a closer walk with God...sigh.

This has been eating at me for days. I’m still chewing on it. It’s meaty and solid and the gristle is getting stuck between my teeth. 

The Pharisees, in John Chapter 9, actually had the gall to tell Jesus that He shouldn’t heal a blind man on the Sabbath.  This was one of those "duh" moments.  This was Jesus! 

Jesus made mud by spitting on the ground and placing it on the blind man’s eyes.  He then told him to wash in the Pool of Siloam.  You know what hard work that is (yes, I am being a little sarcastic)?  It's much harder than being blind (still sarcastic). 

This mud Jesus made was from the same earth that He (God) set as the foundations in the beginning of creation. He also made man from this very same dust, breathing into him the breath of life. 

(How appropriate that Jesus shows His power at this point in this way. This was same earth was that God cursed because of man’s sin. In this moment, Jesus is able to purify and cleanse it.  Just as He is  also able to cleanse us through the blood He would shed.)

Yet, the Pharisees made rules, man made rules, forgetting the substance or reason for not working on the Sabbath, adding, and adding, and adding to God’s word. 

These thoughts have literally been coming on me like a wave. What am I adding that is not there, not Biblical? Is it my taste in entertainment? Is it that I’m even watching television at all instead of spending that same time in prayer, with family, or at least edifying in some way? Is it where I'm living?  The number of my children?  What I want my calling to be?  Is it a tradition I've put in place, becoming as the Pharisees were?

What am I clinging to with tenacity? What am I devouring as a false god, holding back from the one REAL God? 

It hurts and it challenges. 

In this challenge God has presented me, I need to find the areas I need to take to Him in prayer….the things I’ve really avoided asking Him. 

Actually, the fence I’ve been praying about and discussing with my husband, I believe is coming into focus? As that fence is coming into focus, I can feel the nibbling of another one? I hope this never stops. 

I long for the fences to tremble, that prevent me from seeing God clearer that I ever have before. I want them shredded! I long for them be torn asunder! Just as the curtain at the temple was.... the day the Lord shed His blood....the day the earth shook because of how violent love rocked the world to the foundation. 

Our Maker died, sacrificed himself for our blindness...sin. So do we, who build fences today, think we are really able to stand in His way? 

God is so much better than what I’ve been giving Him. He is so much better than anything we could give Him. Doesn’t He deserve our best? Are you giving Him your best? 

Me, not so much.  I'm working on it though.  

So until I am, I will covet the celebration of each fence laying at my feet in ruins. 

I will stand in victory, stomping on the squalid remains, and I will raise my arms in celebration to my Heavenly Father, because who really tore down those fences? It wasn’t me.  I can't do anything without God.


Add Family Update, Pictures, and Prayers:

Bekah spent the last week throwing up with an infection.  Then she was give a new antibiotic she was allergic too.  Not a fun thing.  She is FINALLY well, and keeping food down.

Recently we went to see a precious family member about an hour and a half away.  When leaving I noticed my side view mirror.  My groom of almost 22 years (we've been together 23) wrote this in washable crayon.  Man, I picked a good one.

This is a pretty picture of Anna (though she is NEVER that serious), and the weirdness that infuses our house because of lizard love.  (chuckle)

Please continue to pray for our adoption of Timothy, that God is glorified, that paperwork approval is quicker than we could imagine, and for protection of Timothy and our future children.  Please also pray for continued provision.  God is bigger than any government and His will and power is bigger than ANYTHING we can even fathom.

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  1. Wow! Now that is almost a reason to join FB.................nah! LOL!! Thank You for sharing this, it's truly a great reminder to us all with food to chew on!
    (((HUGS)))) and prayers!


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