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The Wedding (The Official, Unofficial Version)~ Part One

This is the official unofficial version of Sarah and Ivan's wedding.  The pictures are SOLELY the ones that friends and family have sent me or posted.  I'm missing many precious flower girls, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and members of our families....because I don't have those pictures yet.  So this is officially unofficial...

Thank you to all who shared your pictures and joined us on this special day!


We rushed into the Church at 10:15 am, with clothes, accessories, snacks, and drinks all in a jumble falling out of our arms.  Sleep deprived, but adrenaline ran through our last nerve ending.  Have you seen Mark Gunger's "Women's Brain, Men's Brain"?  It's kinda like that.

Today Sarah was getting married.

I hadn't been emotional, at least not much before the actual day.  This morning there was too much to do before the big moment and we had only two hours to do it.

As the doors opened I handed the drinks and snacks for the groom's area to the guys in our least I think I did.  You know, I had "Wedding Brain".

It's the point you reach when a friend tells a epic joke and you cock your head to the side and wonder who they are?

I took the little girls (and Anna) and (while still attempting not to drop everything) did my drugged kangaroo backwards skydive into the brides dressing room.

Yes, I was that classy.

The bridesmaids and the stunning (total bias, but true) bride were almost all there.  The brides room is filled with mirrors worthy of a runway.

I quickly popped our little girls into their flower girl dresses.  Seriously adorable! I won't rat them out and tell you while I wasn't watching they (certain girls with the first letter R and J) ate almost the entire BIG can of mixed nuts by themselves.  (Side note: How they made it through the ceremony without exploding is beyond me.)

 I spent the next forty minutes working on Sarah's hair.  It was my "mama job" and privilege to do.  I had done Jael's that morning, Bekah's the day before, and Rachel's the night before that.

I should charge for this.  You want me to do your hair?  The dishes are looking mighty verbal.  ( The point of being declared a life form and having their own language.)

My friend Yvonne worked to wrangle Anna's hair into a more adult look.  That girl has got A LOT of hair.  I'm a tad bit jealous.

I might have heard a "OW!" as I crimped/curled Sarah's hair.  Lexi was kind about it (the maid of honor).  She reminded me I did that at Homecoming too.  Thanks Lexi...(chuckle).

Sarah and her maid of honor (Lexi) getting ready

We had more straightener, curling irons, and makeup then I had ever seen in my life.  I don't think one girl used the exact same thing.

Side note:  These girls...
My daughter has great taste in her bridal party (including her new sister-in-love, Noelle).  They are centered on God, down to earth, and almost unflappable.  Not to mention all the constant laughter that permeated the room.  My friends, that were serious runners...Debbie, Terri, Amber, Yvonne, and several more...kept me somewhat sane too.

As time went on the room filled with the remaining bridal party...and my daughter walked out with her wedding dress on.  How do you prepare for the moment that little one that flew out of you (Seriously, the doctor said to bring a catcher's mitt if I had another baby) walks into the room and brings it to a halt.

Wow, this was real.  You would think it would have registered before now.  My daughter, the beautiful young woman, was marrying the second love of her life (because God will always be her first).

This is the first moment of the day where my eyes crazily had intense allergies and started watering profusely...ok, I cried.  I was determined not to break and rushed to get her flower crown and veil.  A precious friend of ours (Wendy) and a wonderful woman at Church (Marie), put together a beautiful head piece.

I then called my husband.

If you want to take a class in "Losing It 101" then watch your husband see his daughter (for the first time) dressed as a bride.

Ya, talk about losing it.  The love, the pride, the daddy heart...

It made me think of when we meet our Heavenly Father.  Tears come even now imagining that.

"Sniff...sniff" I heard behind me and notice our Rachel with tears running down her face.  She's struggled with the thought of Sarah no longer living with us.  Sniffs quickly turned into sobs...

Yes, I know I look sleep deprived, but those sweet faces broke
my heart.

I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled her in.  Sarah, talking with her daddy, soon noticed her little sibling.

Sarah's eyes filled with tears.  I know her heart broke.  We all knew this marriage is a beautiful gift, but the separating is a rough one.

The little girls soon gathered around her.  Sarah, dressed in her bridal glory, etched a picture on my heart in that minute.

My husband ushered me, saying it was time to go (as we were pinning the last woven crowns to the flower girls in the final minutes).  Chances of them all staying on? Maybe 50/50.

Loving my husband of 21 years 

 I gave Sarah a hug and headed out the door.

As we approached the sanctuary we lined up to be escorted down the aisle, I saw my niece and her new husband.  Misty probably doesn't know how much it meant to see her.  It was a gift to be able to hug someone from my husband's side of the family.

Misty just got married last month.

I watched as Ivan's abuelita and abuelito walked down the aisle.  (I need to add here the impression they have given me.  They are filled with love and my respect for them is huge.)  I watched my mom be escorted by my oldest brother Ralph, and my brother Steve.

They tripped no one, tied no one up, and Ralph didn't break any bones (oh the stories we have!).  That MAY have been a first (smile).

 (The wedding has brought the hard emotions out in regards to missing my dad.  I wished he was there.  He loved Sarah so much.)

Rocio (Ivan's mom) was then escorted by Ivan with Nathaniel (Ivan's step-dad) following close behind.

Rocio looked beautiful and has raised a wonderful son.  (Side note: So many pictures I still don't have...sigh.  I actually did not take even one.)

I wasn't nervous, hanging onto my oldest son's arm.  I felt that this was exactly the way it should be. I can't say I wasn't glad to finally be sitting down though (smile).  I'm not a center of attention gal, which is ironic since our family kind of stands out.

The bridal party waited for the "word" to come that it was time.

I was the last to sit down before the wedding processional began.  I didn't trip.  (You may all clap now.)

"Then there was cuteness." That's all I have to say.

How in the world could kids be this cute?!!!

My daughter is under the hair somewhere.

Side note: My friend Debbie blessed our family by sitting with Benjamin in the cry room area.  The amount of strangers can be overwhelming to him and yelling (from the fear causing a pinball feeling inside him) would have happened.  For his sake...for Sarah and Ivan's sake...we chose the cry room just for during the ceremony.

The five bridesmaids (including the maid of honor) were beautiful in their individual chocolate brown dresses.  Sarah was pretty cool.  She gave them a color (other than pale yellow, which looks good on no one) and said they could wear something THEY liked.

The five groomsman (including best man) handsome, each so much their own person.

Then the door shut...

Our hearts skipped just a beat.

Sarah entered on her dad's arm and he physically gave her to her (now) husband.

As Rex (Ivan's mentor and pastor) joined these two, our lives changed forever.  His Words giving direction toward God in all things.

Sarah became the wife on a Godly young man, Ivan.

The others quickly followed them back down the aisle.

Sarah's newest sister and brothers through marriage.

They just may have exited to one of my favorite Mercy Me songs. Just sayin'....

They had found in each other the person that would prioritize God above even each other.

They were married.

(End of Part One)


If anyone that reads this has more pictures, I would love to have them!  I would also love to post a guest blog from the guys point of view.  Feel free to message or email me! (everlasting_momentum (at)


Prayer Requests:*
*Please pray for Sarah and Ivan as they begin their lives together.  That they learn to grow together toward God and ALWAYS love God more than each other.
*Please pray we stand, reflect, and glorify God through our lives and this adoption process (first and foremost).
*Please pray for protection for our family and future children...that the master of lies may be bound and anything coming against us may be turned away.
*Please pray the adoption is fully funded.
*Please pray that we find our new normal (usually an after adoption  We need to figure out what direction to go in several ways.  We need God's direction here.
*Please pray for Sarah's actual wedding (for Sarah and Ivan).  They are paying for much/most themselves and between that and a million details (though it's a small wedding) and things they are working though...prayers are appreciated.
*Please pray my mom gains strength and finds a new normal as well.  Also, please pray her kidney levels do go where they need to.

Many people are going through hard times right now.  Please email me if I can pray for you. everlasting_momentum (at)

*Please pray for a friend of mine's daughter who has cancer.  She's going through treatment and it's really rough.  Her name is Alyssa.
*Please pray for the Marshall and Shrader families.  My high school friend Marc passed away only weeks ago from brain cancer (he was my age and left behind a beautiful wife and three young sons).  His older sister's husband was killed in an accident last weekend.  I can't fathom what this family is going through.  He leaves his amazing wife Chrisie and two daughters.

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  1. Im sad I don't live closer so I could have done the pictures for yall! looked beautiful!


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