Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Financial Need Explained

Our dossier has been submitted.  We now face (over the next four to six month...most likely) the rest of our fees and travel.

That's intimidating...but it also means Timothy is at the end of the path.  So I will (TRY) to choose to celebrate what may seem insurmountable, because in that GOD shines.

This is not a super interesting post.  Yesterday we finished applying for a grant.  Even after submitting for that grant, we found more money we have paid up until this point (one of the questions).

Yesterday we set up a checking account SOLEY for the adoption.

Yesterday we altered our YouCaring page for the new total we need to COMPLETE the adoption.

 We just want everyone to know exactly where the funds are going.  So set tight.  This is mostly informational.  Please know much of the second part (travel) are guesstimates.  Any money raised over what is used will be used toward adoption.

Here are things that have been paid so far. (Total $9429.00).

To International Agency-

Application Fee  $300
Program Fee  $3500
Home Study Review Fee  $150
Dossier Submission Fee  $1,100
Translation Fee  $260
Document Management Fee  $1200

To Local Agency-
Home Study and Related Fees  $2100.00

To Other- 
Authentication and travel to Authenticate  $200
Fee to Timothy's country's Embassy Courier  $194
Timothy's Country's Embassy Fee  $325
Repeated shipping with both FedEx and UPS  $100 (up until now)

We have quite a ways to go though.
We currently have $550 in our adoption checking account.

*We will turn every item red as they are paid.


Fees that will be billed when the Letter of Acceptance Arrives
Provincial Fees: $2245.00
Orphange Fee:$5500.00
Required Guide: $1100.00
Required Domestic Transportation: (Driver in region and second city): $550.00
Shipping signed Letter of Acceptance packet in country:  $75.00

Due at time of Travel being assigned
Placement Fee: $2000.00
Post Placement Free: $1000.00

 TOTAL $11, 920.00

I think many might think it stops there.  It doesn't though.  The possibility of the second part, travel, being more than even the above is distinct.

We have listed the cost for three people traveling to China.  That is our hope, but it may not be able to happen. Whatever God Wills.

 We have to have two traveling.  Children who may be hyper vigilant and may not sleep at night need TWO adults.  I HAVE to be functioning when we arrive and real life starts.  The third is our wish to bring one of our children.  It opens their world and heart to reality around the world.

Plane tickets to country for three: $1,100 to $2000 per person.  
We have paid $2500 to this particular country in top season.  This is based on it not being top travel season. We are going from the top estimate. = $4000
Plane tickets in country for three (we have to have a round trip from one city to another: $900 per person guesstimate = $2700
Food for 14 days in country for three: Guess $25 a day per person = $1,050.00
Hotel for 14 days in country:  Average $140-$160 a day = $2,240.00 (using the highest estimate/this also can depend on the time of the year/region and was given us as a guess by the agency)

Total: $9, 990


 The money above does not include some things we MIGHT incur and some things we WILL incur.

Timothy's plane ticket back to the main city, from his institution city $450

Timothy's plane ticket HOME $600 -$1000 (Guess)

Miscellaneous....  This can include things like shipping.  Additional authentications (that we know we DO have before travel) and other adoption related expenses that do come up.  $500 (A GUESS ONLY)


Could it be less than this? We PRAY YES!  Could it be more? Yes, we have faced that as well.

Well, there are the details.  We have a lot of money needed in a short period of time.  God's got this, though you will have to forgive me for my occasional freak out (chuckle). 


If you wish to aid us financially in our adoption journey, you can send a tax deductible check to Wasatch International Adoptions.  Place on the memo line of the check "for Thomas and Kat's Adoption of Timothy."  They will send you a receipt in the mail.  You can also give through "You Caring" at the link to the side of the blog.

Wasatch International Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403

If you wish to send funds directly to us for Timothy, please contact us at everlasting_momentum (at) verizon (dot) net.

Prayer Requests:
*Please pray we stand, reflect, and glorify God through our lives and this adoption process (first and foremost).
*Please pray for protection for our family and future children...that the master of lies may be bound and anything coming against us may be turned away.
*Please pray the adoption is fully funded.
*Please pray that we find our new normal (usually an after adoption  We need to figure out what direction to go in several ways.  We need God's direction and discernment.
*Please pray for Sarah and Ivan as they begin their lives together.  That they learn to grow together toward God and ALWAYS love God more than each other.
*Please pray my mom gains strength and finds a new normal as well.  Also, please pray her kidney levels do go where they need to.

Many people are going through hard times right now.  Please email me if I can pray for you. everlasting_momentum (at)

*Please pray for a friend of mine's daughter who has cancer.  She's going through treatment and it's really rough.  Her name is Alyssa.
*Please pray for the Marshall and Shrader families.  My high school friend Marc passed away only weeks ago from brain cancer (he was my age and left behind a beautiful wife and three young sons).  His older sister's husband was killed in an accident last weekend.  I can't fathom what this family is going through.  He leaves his amazing wife Chrisie and two daughters.

If you wish to follow us on Facebook, where I post a little more often (smile)....

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