Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's the Haps...Wedding, Adoption, Life

Our life speeds along at 100 miles an hour.

My favorite picture from last weekend.  
(Picture by Magdalena)

Midnight- an adult child lets me know they got home.

Three am the 125lb lap dog decided he HAS to go out now.

Five thirty am the same dog risks death (ok, not really) by waking up sleep deprived and feeling ill (allergies I don't normally have) Mommy.  Said dog gets a talking to and has to deal.

Dog goes out and starts barking.  Dog comes back in.

Husband takes two kids to head to co-op with amazing friend (who arranged the co-op in the first place).

So now I'm up on couch, grumbling to myself something about, "I need a good day.  Peace would be good.  I do not like that dog.  Please, easy...I need easy."

We have many wonderful things coming together.  Our adoption dossier is done and just needs to be notarized.  It then goes to the state level and the embassy for the foreign government. (Ok, so that was another fee I didn't realize was there.  Totally my fault probably, as my mind is very divided right now and mind loss is a distinct possibility.)

In around three weeks our oldest daughter gets married.  We are still sending invites and borrowing decorations.   Seizures, surgeries, and kidney failure just kind of trashed the schedule.  We still need to get all the men in the family (some which are in the wedding) clothes (may have a couple that will work) and one daughter a bridesmaid dress.  Yesterday we went and met a woman whose ministry is loaning out wedding decorations that she has gathered as an event planner over the years.  (Side note: She is an amazing woman who we are thankful to have met, whether wedding or no wedding.)

We are also supposed to go to the state capital this week to do state level authentication.  Really?!

My mom is also still recovering, though doing so much better than even the first hospitalization.  She's really doing well in her recovery.

Many have asked how the kids are doing.  They are doing good, though struggling with their sister getting married and moving out.  It's beautiful and the way it's supposed to be, but also hard and a change.  They will miss her.  Our kids are all very close...most of the time (chuckle).  Thus, it's a little like Jenga.  Someone pulls a piece (behavior) and another and another...until a meltdown and rebuild.
Make sense?

That's pretty much where we are at right now.  We are moving forward, one day at a time.  We are moving toward some very good stuff.  Nothing seems quite "normal" yet, but that will come.

Thank you for all your support.  We have many friends who have kept us going...with food, helping around here, finances with the adoption, sitting with the kids, and especially prayers.

Thank you!

I'm going to leave you with some fun pictures of Sarah and Ivan's first Wedding Shower, some prayers, and a bit about the adoption.  Much love to you all.

We are so thankful to Lexi (her maid of honor), Amber (crazy woman we claim...hee hee), and Brianne (her bridesmaid) for everything they did to make this happen for Sarah and Ivan.

They were actually laughing so hard they 
couldn't even look at the camera.

Sarah and her baby sis Rachel, not such a baby anymore.

Ivan and his grandmother

Though I will post more pictures and prayer requests below, we are within days (depending on how long the embassy takes) of being able to send in our paperwork to our agency.  We had to increase the need to $2350.00 with the unexpected expense.  We have just a little over $1000 to raise.  Thank you for all your prayers and your help friends.  Please continue to pray our van sells.

Love these girls (both above and below)


 Prayer Requests:
*Please pray we stand, reflect, and glorify God through our lives and this adoption process (first and foremost).
*Please pray for protection for our family and future children...that the master of lies may be bound and anything coming against us may be turned away.
*Please pray our 2007 van sells.  Pray that the right person sees the van (post about it). We need the funds for our family expenses and this adoption.
*Our oldest daughter gets married in a month.  Please pray she is able to get a full time job/insurance.  Her Celiac disease makes this even more necessary.
*Please pray the adoption is fully funded.
*Please pray that we find our new normal (usually an after adoption  We need to figure out what direction to go in several ways.  We need God's direction here.
*Please pray for Sarah's actual wedding (for Sarah and Ivan).  They are paying for much/most themselves and between that and a million details (though it's a small wedding) and things they are working though...prayers are appreciated.
*Please pray my mom gains strength and finds a new normal as well.  Also, please pray her kidney levels do go where they need to.

Many people are going through hard times right now.  Please email me if I can pray for you. everlasting_momentum (at)


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  1. Are they dressing up as brides or Lazarus coming out of the tomb?? ;-)


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