Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Know Who Holds Tomorrow~Family Update and Request

I brought my mom a sign yesterday that said this...

As many of you know, life has been an ever rolling series of events.  One just leads to another.  Some we cannot share.  It's a tad exhausting...but it's also an honor.

SAY WAT?!!! (Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.)

It's an honor to go through tough times with those you love.  It's an honor to minister to them.  It's more than an honor, it's a privilege.

My mom is currently hospitalized.  She went in with renal failure.  It may not seem a surprise for some with our parents getting older, but you don't know my mom (smile).  She has some health issues and uses a walker (because of her back), but she's strong. She drives, runs her own errands, helps with the kids when she can, teaches piano and home school language.  She's sharp.  She's strong.  This threw us us for a loop.  We did not see this coming.

My mom got sick and her kidneys went down hill quick.  Though her levels (BUN and Creatinine for those that want to know) are stable, they are FAR from good.  Though they found and infection, her progress has stopped and they feel like there is something else behind it.  Cancer has been brought up with a couple suspicious spots (that could just be age). She's had a bone biopsy and a kidney biopsy.  She had a million tests...and now we wait for results.  They can let her go home once they can no longer do any tests, since she is hydrating herself, etc.

Nobody really wants their picture taken at this point.  We look a little scroungy.  This was a rare moment where my husband and I got a few minutes of cuddling in (he had spent the night and I came in the morning to talk to doctors).

The Room

We have someone staying at her house.  We have plans for when she's home (only trying to figure out one thing), but we don't know what the future holds.

The above sign fits perfectly.

Yet, life goes on.  It's so weird how it does that sometimes.  It seemed like the world should have stopped after the seizure.  It seemed like it should have at least slowed down after the emergency surgery. Now should stop...but it doesn't.

We still have home school.  We still have classes outside of the house planned (not started yet).  We still have therapy for Ben.  We are still in the adoption journey.  We are still in the process of getting new prosthetics for Jael. We are trying to sell our 2007 van (to get a small very used car and use the money for the adoption).

Things are moving forward.

We picked up a much need paper for the adoption yesterday.  We are waiting for two last papers we cannot control at all.  One is the notarized employment letter for my husband (please pray it comes in soon)...and another is the fixed immigration paper (they had the wrong date of expiration on it).

The kids at the Police Department Applying for our Adoption Police Clearances for our Dossier

They gave all the kids sticker, hats, and frisbees.  Yes, we drove around town with our mini fire hats on our heads.  We make our own

Gabe said he was rescuing a kitten.

Here's where I get really honest.  We also are trying to figure things out financially.  There is a chance we will complete the dossier within to weeks (including Apostilling).  The finances we thought would be there have been depleted by all the medical (we are also making payments on around $1000.00 worth of unexpected bills that came in the last two weeks).  If we can sell the van we have enough, with some maybe to put aside for the next step.  It will around $200 to Apostille.  The trip itself (three hours away $100-$150 probably) and to submit the dossier about $2500.00-$2800.00.  I think it's closer to $2500, but the bill is not in front of me (I'd have to dig it up) and I'm trying to take advantage of the bit of time I have (the kids are asleep).

I know some wonder why you adopt without the money ahead of time.  Please read this previous explains it better than my brain power will allow me to at this point.  We updated it when adopting Benjamin.

"An Old Post Made New, Ransom and the Reason"

I put this out, because God yet again is reminding me that God convicts and provides, not me.  Hiding... it does no good.

We will be fine.  We can afford life, just as others, there are just times where it's a bit tighter (just as others face).

IF God moves your heart, IF HE puts this in front of you, I am putting a PayPal button back on the side of the blog within the day.  It feels weird.  This is not my comfort zone.  Yet, if God does not convict, please do not give.  I know HE has a plan (smile).  He has provided for a long time, for our adoptions and for our family.  What we do ask is for prayer.

Prayer for my mom (for the doctors to find the source of the kidney failure and her healing)
Prayer for finances (both for adoption and our, I promise we are not
Prayer for Timothy (that God protects him and sustains him...and prepares his heart to love and attach)
Prayer for protection for our family (and health)
Prayer first and foremost that we glorify God in all of this.

Prayer for those we love...
My friend Melanie whose mom has had a stroke.
My friend Sonya, whose mom is not well and is at the end of her life.
My friend Lorraine, a mom of many, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.
My friend Donna, who is facing a life she didn't plan as a single mom.
And so many who I have not named, many I'm not sure if they want to be (so I will hold off).  If you need prayer, email me or reply to this post.  That is one thing I would be absolutely honored to do.

If you want a tax deductible way to give, you can send adoption fees (not the apostilling fees and trip) to our international agency.  Please write on the memo line "For Thomas and Kat~Adoption of Timothy".  You can also ask to remain anonymous if you wish.
Wasatch International Adoptions
1140 36th Street #204
Ogden, Utah 84403


Thank you to all those who have stood with our family...those who have made food, stayed with the kids when I needed to be at the hospital, those helping home school, those visiting the hospital and bringing my mom so much joy, those calling her, and especially those praying.

Thank you...seriously....


If you wish to follow us on Facebook, we created a group in order to stay in touch more when we have last minute events (and small crazy fun laughter filled stuff).

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