Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dear Timothy

The letter on my heart to a little boy across the world.

Dear Timothy,

 I sat with your daddy this morning praying.  When he mentioned your name I burst into tears.  That is not to make you feel bad, but to tell you just how much your daddy and I love you already.   I just want to hold you, to share with you about your daddy, brothers, sisters.

 Mommy got scared, but I know...I KNOW someday we will hold you in our arms.

It seems to be going slow here right now, but you have a God MUCH bigger than the plans of men and of governments.  I can't wait to share with you about HIS love.  Oh Timothy, HE is so great.  When things are rough, He is always there...always.  I know He's with you right now.  That is my comfort.  I know, no matter what conditions you are in, that He holds you if no one else does.

You have worth my son.  You have promise.  You have a purpose.  Know we are trying.  Know we want you home more than almost anything.

You are our son and you are loved.  I love you my precious boy.  Please hold on until we are there....

With Love and Prayers for Protection to our Precious Savior,

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  1. HE Listens, HE Hears, HE Answers our prayers. Timothy is precious! I sent some money to you and will do so again, as able. Much, much love in Him. Jo


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