Friday, September 18, 2015

The Altar, Sacrifice, a Storm Trooper, and a Lizard

I shared this with friends earlier....

"I got home yesterday and was exhausted from another day at the hospital. 

Jael is getting fitted for new, high speed prosthetics.
They are a updated and improved version of what 
was out there and Jael is the first one (at this hospital)
that is this physically small, so it's a new experience for everyone.

My helpers today.  Yes, Ben has a backpack with a mommy handle recommended 
by his Occupational Therapist.  He is 2-4 years old cognatively and safety is
not on a list of his concerns.  We work with him regularly on safety and staying 
by us, but in certain situations his safety has to trump other

These appointments are so awesome.  We LOVE her Prosthetist Stuart.  He is
a man of God that teaches me so much every time I'm there.  These appointments
are also exhausting though.  It's just the way it is.  Sometimes with blessing
comes exhaustion...good exhaustion.

We went to my mom's and stayed there until my brother arrived. A precious friend brought dinner. I slept the sleep of the bone weary. 

Yet, as I spend time with God this morning, I realize some of the most exhausting sacrifices, though done out of love and with honor toward those we cherish, are really sacrifices that we place at Our Heavenly Father's Feet.

It is not what saves us, but a sacrifice to do what is before us with a love that reflects God. 

It is for Him we are weary. It is for Him we place our lives on the altar, fully giving it away.

It does not diminish our love and adoring of doing things for others, but shines clearly through it. 

The exaustion, weariness, "I don't know how I can do this" you are feeling today is a gift of your life you lay at THE Father's Feet. 

May our gifts be pleasing in His Sight."

This was my epiphany this morning.  It's what we are taught as kids in an adult heart.  What we do, we do for God.  

I found myself talking to my kids about sacrificial love this week.  This just hit me today.  Our sacrificial love is our lives sacrificed to God.  It's not supposed to be easy or simple, that wouldn't be sacrifice.  It's pretty heavy on my heart this morning.

So many have shown us sacrificial love these last few months.  Thank you....


As time comes closer (next week) to sent in our dossier(paperwork to country), we still need $1,300.00 (due to several huge unexpected medical expenses) and I am humanly fearful at times.  Should I be? No, God will provide how He provides.  God will touch hearts how HE touches hearts.  Here is our You Caring site where we lay before you guys our need...not comfortable, but what is before us.  (Please pray with us.  Prayer Requests are below.)  Also, a small family update is below.

Prayer Requests:
*Please pray we stand, reflect, and glorify God through our lives and this adoption process (first and foremost).
*Please pray for protection for our family and future children...that the master of lies may be bound and anything coming against us may be turned away.
*Please pray our 2007 van sells.  Pray that the right person sees the van (post about it). We need the funds for our family expenses and this adoption.
*Our oldest daughter gets married in a month.  Please pray she is able to get a full time job/insurance.  Her Celiac disease makes this even more necessary.
*Please pray the adoption is fully funded.
*Please pray that we find our new normal (usually an after adoption  We need to figure out what direction to go in several ways.  We need God's direction here.
*Please pray for Sarah's actual wedding (for Sarah and Ivan).  They are paying for much/most themselves and between that and a million details (though it's a small wedding) and things they are working though...prayers are appreciated.
*Please pray my mom gains strength and finds a new normal as well.  Also, please pray her kidney level's decrease where they need to.

Many people are going through hard times right now.  Please email me if I can pray for you. everlasting_momentum (at)

Family Update:

My mom is doing ok, but needs prayers as she struggles to gain strength.  We are watching her kidney levels carefully.  She has PT, OT, and a nurse that comes every week.

Max and Bekah started teaching co-op this week thanks to an amazing friend.  She has continually supported and loved on our family (her whole family).  Anna starts next week at a different co-op (a gift from a relative).

Bekah was my helper one Saturday.  Too sweet....

My friend Amy got us this.  It is my car flying pig.  It flaps constantly and 
since this is the "Year of the Flying Pig" for our family 
and one other...AMEN!!! Thank you Amy!!!!

This is one of many of my daughter Anna's lizards.  Coolest little thing...


If you wish to follow us on Facebook, where I post a little more often (smile)....

Much love to each and every one of you....

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