Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thomas' Surgery

My husband could not sit, a small area of his stomach hurt so bad.  He went to the doctor almost immediately.  Within the hour he was sent to a specialist.  He had a tear in the lining of his abdomen. This is known as an umbilical hernia (because of the area it was in).  He had surgery the next morning.

We had heard of this kind in children, actually our son Max had one from birth that required surgery.  I had heard of hernias in adults, but not this particular kind.

The doctor guesses he had a weakness in the abdominal wall likely since birth.  It was ripping.

Today when I dropped my daughter off at work, one of her coworkers (and my friend...Terri) shared with me about her friend's husband.  He had the same thing, but did not go to the doctor soon enough.  His intestine ruptured and he got sepsis.  He didn't survive it.

I'm just thankful tonight.  I'm thankful that my husband came through surgery successfully.  He's in a lot of pain, but he's here.  It's a common surgery, but putting off going to the doctor could have had big implications.  (Don't mess with a hernia friends.  Yes, you may hear stories of people putting going to the doctor off, but that is a big risk.  We believe Thomas' was actively tearing.)

Thank you all for praying.   He is on the track to healing that he needs to be.  He will have to stay down for 5-7 days and let his body heal (or risk needing another surgery).  Moving is extremely painful.  He can walk (and has to every hour and a half), but getting up or sitting down uses his core muscles .  Using the core stomach muscles is not fun at all.  (Side Note: The pain was so bad in the hospital that they had to give him morphine.  Thomas doesn't take prescription medication unless it's a last resort.  That tells you that this has thrown him for a loop.)

I'm am now having to control a part of me that is sense of humor.

Laughing hurts him enormously.

If you know our family, that is how we cope.

When he came out of recovery I looked at him and said, "I bet you spilled your guts to the doctor, didn't you?"  (In my defense, I haven't slept much as of late with many of my family's health challenges.)  He laughed, and then I saw him in more pain than I ever have before.  I wish I could say I haven't done it since, but every once in awhile it pops out.  I did it again tonight.  Arggg....I'm having to readjust my whole mentality (and so has my poor husband the jokester).

Thank you for your continued prayers for healing for Thomas and my whole family.   Please pray infection stays away (when praying for my husband) and that he doesn't reinjure himself.  He can't pick up anything beyond 10 lbs for quite awhile.

Thank you all who have sat with kids, sent notes, visited, and made YUMMY soup tonight. Things could have been so much worse.  It may have been a rougher summer, but our Heavenly Father has been with us the whole way.

Thomas' post on Facebook:

"Hey!! Well it feels like someone stabbed me in the stomach...oh wait, they did. Our God gives and takes away. Blessed be His name! God blesses my wife. She is my shining crown! Our children are sparkling jewels in that crown. I lift that crown and each of you up to Him! His mercies and graces are outdone only by His love. Thank you for loving my family and I...a sinner, one who does not love the Lord as He deserves...but one who wants to love the Lord as He deserves. God bless each of you, His forgiveness for any your sins! Now take this day the Lord has made and rejoice and be glad in it! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord....but i might do it from this chair for a bit if its okay, for just a while."

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  1. Oh-my-goodness!! On the poor precious woman who lost her husband! Praise God that Thomas is well and recovering- well I guess he's recovering unless you don't stop being so darn funny!! LOL!!
    We are exactly the same here. Sometimes my Tom and I laugh so hard we cry. And the kids look at us like- what was so funny! ROTFLOL!!
    Happy Sunday! He is Risen! (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) and PRAYERS!!!


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