Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July (in Pictures)...Oh How We've Grown ~ Part One

Through the years....

In 2011 our family was a little smaller.  The twins were one and 
our family had 
ONLY seven blessings.

By 2013 (below) our family had grown by just a few...

Then they just grew....
...and grew....


...and have been growing a bit more with some pretty special people.

Ivan (next to Sarah) will be legally joined to our brood in October through marriage 
and Elizabeth (next to Tom) is his serious girlfriend who we have
sucked into our dementia (smile).

I'm not sure our couch will fit many more.  Guess we'll move outside next year (smile).

I've given up the serious pictures.  They just aren't going to happen.


2014  (Too serious, seems wrong)

2015 (That's better...)

It's impossible....




I don't try anymore.  I just don't (chuckle)...after all, look who their parents are.

Apparently we have a lot of kids and fitting all the pictures in one post is just not possible.

Join us for part two tomorrow.  For now I leave you with the above craziness to tide you over.


Please continue to pray for our family as our adoption progresses, that all glory is to God and for God's will and provision.  Next year we will prayerfully have another little guy in these pictures!


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