Saturday, June 6, 2015

"Truck Series" and Being Deliberate

I laid in bed last night, still trying to get my mind wrapped around what happened.  I'm just not sure how to do that.

Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep, my husband and two sons not home yet.

At 180 miles an hour for 400 miles, our boys were in a little bit of a testosterone happy place.

I, as a mom, appreciate the time my husband spends with the children.  Could he have invited three friends? Yup, but he chose time with a couple of our sons (another had to work).

This has me dwelling on how important deliberate time with Dad is.

We nod our heads.  I know how important those moments stolen with my daddy were.  My dad passed away in 1998 and those moments are what flashback in my mind.

When talking to our kids, periodically I will ask them,  "How's your relationship with God? What kind of time are you giving to Him?"

It may sound nosy, but my kids know I'm asking this as a self-check.

They answer on of three ways.  We talk about them often.

Flippant: When you see someone in passing, you nod your head at them, saying, "Yo" (barely looking up from what your doing).

Convenient: When you stop and really talk, very comfortable, but really making time when it's there or easily managed.

Deliberate:  When you have a set time daily to spend time in relationship.  Something crazy may come up, but you plan everything else in your life around the time together.  If you're out, you step away and still spend some time.  The relationship is your priority.

Our kids are really honest, "Mom, I think I'm somewhere between convenient and deliberate.  I gotta fix this."

It's important for us to know.

As a nation, as Christians, professionally it's acknowledged that a relationship needs time.  Even in adoption, the questions are asked about how much time we get to spend with each child.  Marriage counselors emphasize planned time together is mandatory for a successful marriage.

Yet time with our Heavenly Father...

Ya, not so much.

If God is our number one priority, how much more deliberate should we get with our relationships?

Yes, God is always there...with us.  Could you imagine though, taking a child with you and just occasionally nodding at them?  Is our relationship that convenient with our Heavenly Father?

I say this not to condemn.  NO WAY!!! I am WAY too human (sometimes painfully so), but to give you something to chew on.

God doesn't say, "Spend this much time with me."  He doesn't have the oven timer on (unless your Bible is different that mine and that worries me).

 Yet, in the Bible, value is obviously placed on deliberate God Himself.

"But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." Luke 5:16


So how are you doing today friends?  I'm asking myself that very same thing.

Is my relationship with my HEAVENLY FATHER flippant, convenient, or deliberate?  Do I plan a daily time with the one who directs my steps?

I think it's time to get some alone time with my Heavenly Father.

Have a blessed day with a cup of deliberateness and a lot less of us and more of Him. (Best recipe EVER!)


Please continue to pray for our doctor's hearts...that they write a great doctor's report, for hearts to be moved and willing with very cool stuff happening (sorry to be so cryptic, soon...I promise), for protection (emotional, physical, spiritual) for our family during this journey (including those in China).  Thank you friends!!!!

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