Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Crazy Double Date, ANOTHER Gift from AutoNation, and ONLY GOD!!!

I'm not sure even where to begin here.  AutoNation gave us another gift.  I mentioned it previously.
"The Gift, AutoNation, and AN AMAZING GOD!!!!"

It was a night that we are pretty sure will never be repeated.

I'm not sure I can handle another week like last week. (Smile)  Not being able to process everything going on has made my brain melt.

For some reason, many are saying "You deserve this."  I want to say thank you, though it is WE who are blessed by our children.  Parenting these children is the gift that we would not give away for the world.  We don't feel deserving.  It's like giving us a gift because we've already been given one.  Does that make sense?

We are so thankful...blown away...honored...that AutoNation gave us this beautiful van (actually two) and this fantastic experience.  Yet, I think our minds can't wrap around it because we don't deserve it.  No one could replicate the gifts we have giggling around our house.

God touched hearts and blessed us.  AutoNation, thank you...

Now, the most recent gift of AutoNation.  The Indy Races....

Please know as we share this, this is so out of our realm and a total once in a life time gift.  Just wow....

Thomas and I, Tom and Wendy had a double date night...

We pulled up in our crazy cool van, not knowing what this night would entail.  We really had no clue. Thomas, Tom, Wendy, and I went to the Credential office for our lanyard.  This entitled us to go, well...most places.  We then headed to the Andretti Hospitality Tent.

(Side note: To prevent confusion in this blog, my husband I refer to as Thomas and our friend we refer to as Tom.)

As we walked up to the check in desk there, we were greeted by what looked like a bouncer (smile).  At this point I could just picture our names not being on the list.  Crazily, they were there....

As we walked in, Tom whispered to Thomas, "Is that who I think it is?"

Ya, it was Herschel Walker!!!! (My husband added the exclamation points...cracking up)

I need to tell you, he was the most humble (just look at his shirt - Iron Mike ought to be wearing a Herschel shirt), down to earth guy.  He stopped to chat and showed nothing but welcoming kindness. To Thomas, Herschel was a childhood hero.  His pointing to Christ (his faith) inspired him.

Tom said at this point, "I can go now."

We continued into the tent and the buffet style meal (think filet mignon).  As we headed toward the food, Thomas leaned over, "Mario Andretti, that's Mario Andretti!"    Ya, we all freaked out a little.  Crazy....

Taken at the end of the night when we FINALLY got the courage to ask.

After we ate food that I could write a blog about and bore everyone to death...

we headed out to the Grid to meet Kelly (the WONDERFUL sweet woman that set this all up with Kimberly of AutoNation who also ROCKS).

This is the grid...more specifically, Ryan Hunter-Reay's car he drives for Andretti Autosport.  We stood to the side while cars were pushed passed us.

These are our guys! (Below)  AUTONATION!!!!

 "This is TOTALLY crazy!"
(Psst, a McLaren is in the top left of the pic. Thomas feels it's necessary for me to say this.)

I was told this picture of Tom being rebellious needed to be in here.

I must admit these tires were a tad bit of a temptation to our boys. (Smile)

These two ROCK! They are the Youth Ministers at our Church and we are privileged
 to call them friends.

But the race was about to start...and Kelly brought us this special little sticker.  (Kelly went above and beyond.  Again, we are blown away by all this kindness!!)  It was a sticker that let us watch the race from Pit Row.  Almost no one was surrounding us and everyone was watching from the stands, the finish line was in front of us and the winners circle was in back of us....

The practically invisible blur on the track is Ryan-Hunter Reay.  His top speed was around 211 mph.

We all kept on thinking (I believe) that this just does not happen.

Since there was 248 laps, we headed back to the tent occasionally.

Such a goof! I cracked up at this picture!!! They are 

Finally it was time for the winner's circle!  

This night was a gift.  Even with ear plugs and total noise, it was remarkably chill and peaceful.

The wonderful thing at the end, was that we all got to go home to some pretty special little ones.

Again, I'm not sure my heart can take another week like this (smile).  The shock alone...(laughing)

We could see God, over the last month, weaving a beautiful tapestry, creating a beautiful gift...that we can't even really figure out exactly how to verbalize thanks for, not completely (though we say it).  

We've given up processing.  It's impossible.  We walk outside and see this van.  We haven't put our fish or oval stickers on the back window because it feels like we will have to return it.  The reality is not there yet.

Again, we want to point straight to God.  BLOWN.AWAY.

GOD IS GOOD!!!! Thank you again to AutoNation, Kelly and the Motor Speedway, and to all those who participated in a surprise that leaves us speechless.

To each and every one of you, and consider yourself hugged.


"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21


Please pray as we are so close to the end of our home study for our newest adoption...that everything....every process, paper, and determination is favorable. This is a big week for us.  Thank you!!!!


  1. :D LOVE!!! I see all this as God's personal hug letting you know He is here, He is in this, no matter what bumps you encounter ahead.

  2. :D LOVE!!! I see all this as God's personal hug letting you know He is here, He is in this, no matter what bumps you encounter ahead.

  3. You know, Kat, I don't even know where to begin. Um, WOW! What an amazing, wonderful, precious, special, awesome, BLESSED week you have had. GOD IS SO GOOD! He really does work in mysterious ways! I am so very thrilled for you! You DO deserve this. You have sacrificed so much to bring all of your precious blessings home! :) <3


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