Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today I finished with our adoption training.  It's this huge relief.  It's intense.  It's twelve plus hours of heavy duty training on adoption, trauma, attachment, sensory issues, and numerous other things.

Yes, we've been through a few training sessions before.  It's required in the home study process.  Yet Wasatch International Adoptions has some of the most intensive and well written training we have had.

Yes, there's a lot we already know, so some of it is a refresher.  They introduced (in their current training) some subjects we know less about and we've loved learning (neurofeedback and such).

I feel like I need to celebrate though, not because we didn't learn from training and appreciate it, but because our home study is just about done.  It is with our International Adoption Agency in review (to see if there are any fixes).

We are almost on to the next stage...ALMOST.

I am taking a deep breath (and praying a BIG prayer).

Soon Timothy...soon...

The thought of wrapping you in my arms and seeing the first time those sad eyes turn to us in joy.....soon.


Family Updates:

This month we celebrated Ben's two years home and Bekah's 8 years home!

Monday at Occupational Therapy Ben's therapist shared that Ben has moved onto another stage.  He is self regulating much better and we are at the point of setting new goals...new goals in self care...fine motor skills...and skills that will benefit him in school.  Our boy has come so far! From a mental institution at almost ten years old to a little guy that plays with cars and walks around (no stroller) the entire time at the zoo.


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