Monday, May 11, 2015

"Next" and What's Up

Well, this last week has been eventful.  I'm a bit tired (or that's just the meds talking...chuckle).

*Random picture of kitten which makes everything better.

In one of our last adoptions, my friend looked at me and said, "You guys are like a soap opera when you adopt.  We always wonder what will happen next."

Well, "next" has happen and we are thanking the Lord for his protection.

In the words of my oldest Tom.

"Had my first car accident today on the way to work. Hydroplaned while I was in the fast lane on the Highway, ran over a few dividers between that and the HOV lane, and then (in an effort to stop running over the dividers), swerved in a 360 to the other side of and off the highway, into a small area of grass and dirt where I slammed driver's side first into a light pole. Thankfully I was completely uninjured, and by God's grace didn't run into any other cars. Turns out there were also 2 other accidents within a mile of where I crashed though, so I guess it was just a bad day to drive. Well, I guess I'm just thankful that I'm not dead and that I somehow made it to my shift in time.
 — feeling shaken up."

Our son spun twice in front of oncoming traffic at 65 miles an hour.  He hit no one and no one hit him.   He is uninjured except for a shoulder that is sore.

I'm thanking God today for protecting our son.  He very easily could've had a head on collision and been injured or killed.

So though we are tired, we are also celebrating.

His car didn't fare fantastically, but he is good.


Now for an update on everything else (smile).  I'm on muscle relaxers, so (since my brain is loopy) I will just do some basic bullet points.

*It looks like (barring anything unforeseen) in a couple of weeks we will have an approved home study.  We are still getting paperwork, but everything looks good.  Our final visit (with a sweet, yet thorough, new social worker) went wonderfully.  We have Timothy's bed set up and my mommy heart now aches for it to be filled.

*I have injured my neck and it has been pretty painful.  We see progress though and that's the important thing.  My shoulder no longer hurts and that was originally the worst part.

*We are still looking for a van.  Transportation has been interesting.  I don't think we could've done this without my mom around the corner. (Shout out to Mom! THANK YOU!!!!) We have four that need vehicles (that go four different places all far from each other).  We have two vehicles (none of which fit everyone).  Most of the time I can make do without one (except for doctor's appointments).  It's a little confusing with all the jobs though.  It's working (with my mom's help).  God has provided a way each time.  We have several fantastic friends that are there if we need them as well.

*I had a beautiful Mother's Day.  We all hunkered down in a bad storm with no electricity.  It actually was awesome, though we painfully miss our Church when not there.   All our kids were so thoughtful.  I received home made cards, home made jewelry , a new tea pot, gourmet popcorn,  a sweet coffee mug, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my mom.  The best gift?  My son surviving the accident.  It ended up be a long day and not as calm as we hoped, but everyone is healthy and strong.  THANK YOU LORD!!!!  (Side note: My husband was a hero to me this weekend.  He kept going and got very little rest. Between trying to find a vehicle for our family, running around getting cars towed and food for the kids and I....he just never stopped.  My husband blows me away.)

That's about it...or at least all my foggy brain can think of :-).  Please keep us in your prayers if you have a moment!

Immanent Prayer Requests:
*That God is glorified in this journey and whatever comes.
*For protection of our family (including sweet Timothy).
*That we are able to find a van quickly.  With doctor's appointments and therapies, this is important.  We have to have a 12 seater with shoulder belts.  We may have to add a rear view camera (we feel is very important for safety) and a step on the outside of the van (for Jael) afterwards.  That reduces what we can pay for a van.  We know this can be worked, it's just been hard to find one.  God will put us in the perfect one.
*That our son's vehicle is fixable and prayerfully quickly.  Because it's older, we have chose not to claim it on insurance since it would make his insurance skyrocket.  We are limited in finances lately.
*For my neck (and now my son's shoulder) to heal.  I've been in a lot of pain.
*For Thomas and I's physicals to go really well (good blood work, no surprises, good blood pressure, etc.).  This is the last stage in our home study.

Thank you friends for joining our craziness.  We know the results of your prayers have been obvious.  May your week be awesome!

(P.S. Forgive any bloopers in this post.  I'm not convinced this will even make sense tomorrow. :-))

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  1. We are praying! PRAISE God that he held Thomas in His EVER LOVING Hands!! Praise God for your precious mom, and a husband who fights the good fight along side you! PRAISE God!! PRAISE God!! PRAISE God!!
    (((((HUGS))))))) I LOVE a Good Victory!!


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