Friday, May 1, 2015

Mini Update~Doctor

Thank you guys who have been asking how I was.

I thought I'd better update here with how kind you all have been.

I have strained my Trapezius muscle.  It's the muscle running down the right side of my neck through my shoulder.

(Literally a pain in the neck...chuckle)

The doctor suggested several courses of action.  We both thought one specific one would be the best.

(I forgot a little of my past in that choice.  It wasn't my most brilliant move.)

The doctor gave me a cortisone, steroid, numbing agent shot in the hot spot of my muscle (the most painful part).  Moving it around inside my muscle was not exactly the happy dance of joy, but I'm tough.  He even made me laugh.

Having steroids injected in a specific spot would keep me from have the lovely mood swings that can be associated with oral steroids (which I call unexpected PMS).  I was also supposed to get a few hours of pretty quick relief with the numbing agent and then it would begin to hurt again for a bit while the steroid kicked in.

Ahhhh....sounds relieving....BUT....

It had conveniently slipped my mind that I had something similar twenty years ago.  Before deciding on back surgery...

(Ya, I had got dog piled on and herniated a few discs.)

they had given me a similar shot in my back.  It was NOT good and made things much more painful.  I remember the medical professionals looking at me and not really believing it.  It wasn't the typical response to these shots.

Basically, to make a short story shorter, I never had a few hours of initial relief.  My whacky body instead is in more pain.

I was also given some muscle relaxers though.  It never occurred to me how weird my body reacts to meds as well.  It wasn't bad.

I only couldn't remember who I was for a brief period.  Ya....

So, here's to just letting my body heal.  It will, but it will just take some time.

Thanks for asking friends!  We appreciate all prayer!

Have a blessed Friday!!!


Adoption Prayer....
1. Please pray we bring glory to God through this journey.
2. Please continue to pray for protection over Timothy, our family, and anyone involved in this process (physical, emotional, and spiritual).
3. Please continue to pray that there are no hiccups. The home study goes well.  That paperwork and approvals fly quicker than imagined.
4. Please continue to pray for provision. We still have quite a ways to financially go.

Other Prayer...
1. Please pray we find a van within our budget.  
2. Please pray for all of our health.  

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