Friday, April 24, 2015

The Van (Deep Breath)-He is Mighty to Save

I'm holding onto the phrase, "Do what is in front of you."

I will do that.  I have complete confidence in God that He will provide.

My human nature is wanting to go all fetal position though.

This is what my head is saying....

"Our van has been totaled.  The amount will not buy a new used van.  We are in the middle of an adoption that has $20,000 or so to complete. How can we do this?  How?  I know God led us.  I know HE provides.  How?" Sniff

Yet, Our Heavenly Father will make a way.  HE PROVIDES!  I want this blog post alone to be a testimony to that.

I don't know how, but we will have another vehicle and Timothy will come home.

I have 100% confidence (even through the occasional fetal position or emotional rollercoaster).



  1. Just curious, what would it take dollar-wise to get you into a comparable big van?

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