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The Treasure of Timothy~The Beginning (Part Four)

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That Monday I emailed the out of state agency that helped us adopt Jael.  I told them the flat out truth.  I shared with them God's leading.  I asked them to start keeping an eye out for a little one that fit the description that God had given to us.

We were starting from scratch, depending on the agency to tell us what to do.  They (the amazing agency that they are) supported us and started keeping an eye out.  They shared with us that we could also seek listings from other agencies.  Agencies, in their desire to see children placed in families, sometimes chose to release files to others.

We weren't just seeking adoption, but the adoption of our son.  We had no clue where we'd find him.

(When God says go, we go.)

Within a few days the file of a little boy was sent to us.  His needs severe.  The severity of his needs held no fear for us, but we also didn't see our son.  We prayed and our heart broke.  How do you say no to a child?  We knew from past experience, that some boys (we were encouraged to adopt) God had meant for another family.

After prayer, we said "No".

It's hard to type that.  The weight is heavy of denying a child.

We knew it could be months until we found Timothy. Three, six, twelve months? Who knew.  Who knew how long it would take.

God did.  He didn't say, "Go for your son." for no reason.

As we scanned Rainbow Kids, we kept coming back to one little boy.  I couldn't get him out of my mind.  My husband started praying.

It wasn't an instant "Yes", but a soft presence...and a message...a message, "He is yours."  Our Heavenly Father spoke words to both Thomas and I.  What a precious time it was, difficult as we waited, but precious.  It took about a week as we prayed diligently.

(The beautiful honor of seeking Him....God speaks.)

We knew several things needed to happen.
1.) We needed to see if the agency that had his file would transfer it, which would allow us to "lock him in" (this links our family and Timothy in the country he resides).
2.) We needed to go to our local home study agency.  We hadn't as of yet.  Knowing it could have been many months until we even found Timothy, we hesitated.  Also, in honesty, there was fear.  Fear was the master of lies' tactic this time.  Fear that we weren't good enough (and lies such as that).  Funny, God says we are, but still....the humanity rears it's ugly head.

As you know by now, the agency transferred Timothy's file to our agency and our home study is now in progress.

There are times this still seems unreal.  Our days are full of early waking, home school, field trips, lots of Bible, baths, showers,  cooking, cleaning, wedding planning, playing, therapy, doctor's visits, new legs, laundry, and about a million other things.  Adding another child fills my stomach with joy butterflies, but the process...not so much (smile).

So this is our journey.  Timothy's story...

Thank you for joining us on this wild and wonderful ride called adoption.

We appreciate all prayers.  Though I can't figure out how to reply to the comments you leave, knowing some of you have been praying for our family for years....knowing hundreds still read and care....

I can't fathom this.  I can't wrap my mind around this.

Friends, thank you...with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart I thank you for being part of this blog family.  I wish I could give each of you a hug.


Adoption Prayer....
1. Please pray we bring glory to God through this journey.
2. Please continue to pray for protection over Timothy, our family, and anyone involved in this process (physical, emotional, and spiritual).
3. Please continue to pray that there are no hiccups. That paperwork and approvals fly quicker than imagined.
4. Please continue to pray for provision. We still have quite a ways to financially go.

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  1. aaaw! Love you too! (((HUGS)))
    You are blessed!


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