Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Treasure of Timothy~The Beginning (Part Two)

If you haven't read Part One, this won't make a lot of sense.  You can read it here.
Part One

The following may not all seem like it has a lot to do with this new journey to our son Timothy, but in the big picture it absolutely does.


Thomas looked at me... and said what we should all dream of in a man that follows God.

"Well, we know God spoke.  We follow Him, right?  I guess we need to figure out what to do next."

There are no other words that could have been as perfect at that moment.

Laying in his arms I realized how far God had brought us and I thanked Him for leading us yet again.

Then it happened.

The next morning brought a storm I wasn't prepared for.  It was a storm that scared me almost more than anything had in my entire life.  It involved our oldest daughter and I pray I never have to experience anything like that again.

It was a Saturday.  All of us were tired and none of us felt that fantastic.  Sarah looked a little pale and said her stomach was just a tiny bit upset.

She had to work that day, not wanting to call in for just feeling "off".  At about twenty 'til eleven I our son Max ran in and said Sarah was calling me and something sounded wrong.  Booking it to the back of the house (our master bathroom), I saw Sarah looking very pale.  She said, "Mom, I'm not feeling very good.  Could you call work?  I'm feeling a little dizzy."

She then dropped to her knees and laid her head on the sink.

At this point I'm thinking she may have some form of a virus.

I glance away for a second and out of the corner of my eye I saw her roll onto her back mumbling about dizziness.

She then went as white as the whitest sheet you have seen and started seizing.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and I yelled, "SARAH!!!!" repeatedly.  She was not there.  The seizure continued as I called for my husband. As my husband ran in, the seizing ended.  She started moving her head from side to side and almost moaning.

Thomas and I lifted her and carried her to the living room, as I yelled to our fourteen year old (Anna) to call 911.  Sarah remained white as a sheet.  She was slowly able to respond to us and with our help rolled to her knees as she started vomiting.

As the paramedics arrived, they began asking a series of questions.  Eventually Sarah seemed coherent enough to answer.

Side note: For those of you who know Sarah, they know she has a tender heart and is not easily annoyed.

As she started responding to basic questions, the look of total irritation on her face was laughable.  She wasn't "with it" yet, but was "with it" enough to wonder why they'd ask her things like what her name was and what year it was.  You could see (and I wouldn't usually say this and she DEFINITELY wouldn't) a look of, "Are they idiots?" written on her face.

As they loaded her into the ambulance, it was decided quickly that Thomas would accompany her.

The kids huddled in the Play Area with Tom (20) and Anna (14) wrapping their older sibling arms around little bodies (seeking comfort themselves as well).  I made sure everyone had everything together and gave them all hugs.  I was so proud of our kids that day.

I held it together until I was alone in the car.

(To be continued....)


Adoption Prayer....
1. Please pray we bring glory to God through this journey.
2. Please continue to pray for protection over Timothy, our family, and anyone involved in this process (physical, emotional, and spiritual).
3. Please continue to pray that there are no hiccups. That paperwork and approvals fly quicker than imagined.
4. Please continue to pray for provision. We still have quite a ways to financially go

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  1. WHAT!!! Good thing I know that she's o.k. or I'd have to search the internet for your phone number! LOL!!
    How frightening!
    I'm waiting to hear the rest!!


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