Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Let's see what God Does with This"~The Wild and Weird Day

It's not so bad really.

Yesterday was WEIRD though.

I think I'm going to share the whole story.  It was so way out of my realm that I'm wondering your thoughts.

(If you could see me, I have my head cocked to one side, a perplexed look on my face.)


(Do you ever have a feeling there was a reason things happen, but you may never know why?  Ya, that was yesterday.)

Rewind to Monday afternoon.

I got a call that really threw me off.  It was from a local television station that was pitching a story on our family.  They wanted to film the next day.  Really? Ummmm....okay...

I'm afraid I sounded less than enthused.  (I apologize if you're reading this. I just didn't see it coming.)

Side note: Apparently my brother had written them awhile ago and mentioned it to me.  The flake I am at times blew it off and had no memory of it.  It was SO kind of him.

Basically, I blink, I forget....

So after our whirlwind clean (we had construction going on...explained below), they called on Tuesday. They shared that too many other stories took priority that day and had crowded the story on our family out.  Ummm...okay, it was all good.  We are just a family.  There was a little relief truthfully.  I'm a speaking and sharing type person, but I had never considered anything like that  before.

One of Thomas' closest friends came over and 
fixed some stuff.  He's cool like that.

So, instead we decided to have the field trip to see the movie Cinderella (that we initially had planned for that day).  We have the advantage of getting in free with a older child working there.

I realized then that I had skipped....well, three meals.  (That NEVER happens!!!  Food and I are a little too intimate.)  I went and grabbed food out (which isn't common either) and headed to the theater.

Driving down a local highway, I was in the far left of three lanes.  A small car three cars ahead came to a complete stop (planning to do a U-Turn).  It didn't pull to the left the way your supposed to, but pulled a brain hiccup and just stopped.  The car behind him slammed on their brakes and barely missed this car.  The one behind him slammed on his brakes and barely missed the car in front of him.  Then there was me.... in the Beast.  I slammed on my brakes, but the Beast is REALLY heavy...especially filled with eight passengers.  I couldn't stop soon enough.  The two men in front of me (one of them the driver of the car the Beast crashed into) were older, very kind men.  They were trying to get the license plate of the young man who initially stopped (as he had left the scene as fast as he could when he saw he caused an accident). They were more concerned about the kids and I (and mad at the one who stopped) than upset at me in any way.  Oh, I felt so bad...horrid guilt.  I wasn't following close.  I left space.  Apparently it wasn't enough for the Beast though.

We find out (most likely tomorrow) if it is totaled.  Do I worry? Concerned maybe (cost, insurance) , but I know God has a plan.

The officers were wonderful, and the fire department even more so.  They got me laughing as they secretly patted a "Jr. Fire Dept." badge over the police officer's badge (without his knowledge).  Their joking got me smiling.

They forgave our messy car.

We all were in a little shock.  We hit hard, but the airbags did not deploy.  The seat belt hurt Anna.  Max hit his shoulder.  I have a little whiplash and backache.  None of these (as of yet) has required a doctor.  We are forever thankful this wasn't worse.

Then the comments came....

They made me smile...

"Ohhh my goodness Kat !! You must be in the middle of an adoption!! Love you sweetie!!"

"Oh my Kat!! must be adopting again...!"

"OH MY GOODNESS! So glad you are all ok!!! Now you know you are meant to adopt, since satan is pulling out the big ones. Praying protection and peace and calm and provision for all of you!"

"Why am I not surprised?! Time for the attacks to begin. I'm thankful that you are all ok and also praying for you."

There were many other kind words (that I cherished SO MUCH), but the adoption aspect hadn't occurred to me.

You see, satan hates adoption and is NOTORIOUS at hitting you (especially financially) during the process (or any process of following God).  We've experienced this SEVEN times...yet (like birth pains) I forgot.  I forgot the attacks, the fires, the break in, foundation exploding, and holes in the roof.  I had forgotten the flooding toilets, broken cars, and unexpected bills.  I had forgotten the termites, constant picking, and hitting many who weren't prayed over.

I had forgotten the master of lies plays dirty.

He hates adoption.  The orphan is exactly where he wants them.  Often no one praying for them, teaching them their worth, and teaching them the love of the MIGHTY ONE.  They are more vulnerable and often easier to manipulate.  

This is why you may hear so much about spiritual warfare in adoption.  

It's a battle worth fighting.

Yet, my absolute favorite comment was from a dear to my heart friend.  One of those people I truly look up to.

"Thank God you are all okay! Let's see what God does with this."

"Let's see what God does with this."

I had also forgot the most important truth.  God has always used big things that occur in our lives.  He has always brought blessings out of rough stuff.  He has always brought joy out of the shock.

"Let's see what God does with this."

So tomorrow our kids will pile into two cars (since our insurance doesn't cover a car big enough for our crazy brood) and go to their interviews with our social worker.

We will look at the hard things that satan throws in our path...the unexpected...the tear inducing...the perplexing things...and we will see what God does with this.

So I'm a little perplexed, my head is tilted to one side, but then I don't always remember to put my God glasses on....looking on life with an eternal perspective.

Join me in an eternal perspective friends and....

"Let's see what God does with this."


Please forgive any grammar mistakes as my brain is still not 100% since yesterday.


Adoption Prayer....
1. Please pray we bring glory to God through this journey.
2. Please continue to pray for protection over Timothy, our family, and anyone involved in this process (physical, emotional, and spiritual).
3. Please continue to pray that there are no hiccups. That paperwork and approvals fly quicker than imagined.
4. Please continue to pray for provision. We still have quite a ways to financially go.
Specific Prayer...
1. Please pray the children's interviews go wonderfully tomorrow (Thursday).
2. That our home study is without hiccup.
3. That next weeks final home study goes great!

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  1. Thank God you are all o.k. WOW! I can't imagine. But yes, exactly I think these things happen to teach or tell us something. However as soon as I heard you were o.k. I thought..........drum roll- it's the adoption!!
    (((HUGS))) and many prayers!


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