Saturday, April 11, 2015

An Intermission in Pictures (A LOT OF PICTURES)

Christmas? Yup...It's been awhile since I've shared pictures of our lives on here.

I again have a million posts (with a little more depth) running around in my head, but none that are making their way out yet.  Except maybe one big one...(ya, leaving you hanging).

So today I picture.  (Yes, I meant to say it that way.  Don't shoot me.)  I'll throw a little story in here and there.

December 2014
Little did we know at this point what this next year would hold!

New Years Eve 2014

We always do a game night with all the family.  This is the first year Sarah wasn't here and maybe a hint of the future :-).

Anna is a lizard girl.  That is Smaug (and not even her biggest lizard).

Who doesn't like Twister?!

Sarah and Ivan (with Ivan's family) on New Years Eve.  

Our Bekah turned nine this year!  She also gave her life to Christ in baptism on the day we
celebrated her birthday.  There is no joy greater!!!

We also had a few snow days.


This touches my mommy heart. This is our 12 year old (Max) and our 11 year old (Ben).  

Ben was not sure what to think of the snow.  We believe it
may have brought some fear.  Winter time brings fear, but that's another story.

This picture proves our oldest daughter (above) really was out there with us at least one day.:-)

Man, she is just beautiful inside and out.

 Ben has the moves.  Just sayin'....

Brother and Sister (just makes me smile)

This picture....makes me breathe deep and realize 
just how blessed I am.

My Hubby (A Big Kids at Heart)


Jael grew so much this year that she had to have new legs created.  Right now she only has running legs.  They are working on a new suspension system for her legs with knees.  She currently uses a belt system with shorts under (you can see below).  They are now working on a system that is pressurize (the best way I can describe it) that will give her more independence.

They were having the great debate.  Who would use the Nook first.  They only get it during medical
appointments or illness.

This is the BEST prosthetist EVER.  This family adores you Stuart!

BIBLE BOWL 2015 (Easter Weekend)

HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS (Easter Weekend 2015)


EASTER 2015 (We had illness in the family, so not everyone got to wear the new outfits courtesy of Grandma.)

Re~adoption of Benjamin Last Week~ His name went from Benjamin Alexei to Benjamin Alexei Jonathan (after his little brother in Heaven).

He is our little mimic.  Remember this picture.  It's one of the only
times you'll see me wearing heels. (Smile)

Ben was SICK of  

This makes me happy.

Misc. Pictures

Her Sweetness

This is our sweet cat of seventeen years.  She was our only female cat for those years.  Her name was Sadie.  She had a stroke maybe a year ago and got to the point in the last several weeks where she couldn't walk.  She bit me accidentally (during a spasm) and literally couldn't unclinch her jaw.  I just happened to be reaching over her when a spasm hit.  I  lifted her off the ground attached to my hand. We found she was also biting herself that way.  It was necessary to put her to sleep.  It's painful, but we don't regret it.  She is at peace.

 When Sadie bit me, it was deep.  She slunk around feeling so guilty.  We knew she didn't intend to bite me.  It is thought she pierced a muscle.  Here's something we learned that we need to pass on.  ANY cat bite (especially in the hand and that has any depth) needs to be seen within 24 hours.

At 24 hours my hand was red.  We thought that was to be expected.  The next day I took Ben to therapy and it looked the same, but was really painful.  An hour and a half later (after therapy), the redness was in my wrist.  From that point on we watched the infection travel quickly down my blood vein.  Apparently it's not uncommon to have  reported cat bites end with hospitalization.  Yes, it can be that serious.  GO.TO.THE.DOCTOR.

I love this picture of Bekah with her natural curls. 

Yes, we have mellow animals.

More of Bekah's hair,  LOVE IT!!!

Anna (14) got reading glasses.

Ummm....ya, bearded dragons after a bath.  Yup, my life....

Finally, I just loved this.  I really did.  It speaks truth.

So, I'll leave you with this wish (chuckle)...

May you not go kicking and screaming.  Our God is not a God of comfortable....He's MUCH bigger than that.


  1. Aaaw! So good to catch up with you! (((((((HUGS)))))))) You are always in our prayers!

  2. Love, love, love!

    Love you and your family.

    Love this huge catch-up (giggle).

    Love the comic strip. (oh, so true!)

    Just love!

  3. Love the pictures of your beautiful family.

  4. Hooray! Your family is lovely!


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