Friday, March 13, 2015

It Will Be Heaven~Two Years of Jonathan Sitting with Jesus

Two years, it's been two years.

I came to this blog this morning wanting to acknowledge Jonathan.  I am at a loss though.

It has been two years since that early morning call that Jonathan had died.
Jonathan is in the Arms of God

It has been one year since I share the very basics of Jonathan's path within our family, trying to capture some of the memories.
Jonathan's Story

Today I have very few words.  I truthfully have many tears.  I sat with God this morning (in silence much of the time) reading His Words.

Two years....

Jonathan's impact on our family is forever on this earth.  He's left a legacy in our hearts. He taught us lessons that we may never have learned otherwise.

Following God isn't always comfortable.  It isn't always surrounded by intense support.  It can be lonely.  It can be painful.

It's always beautiful though...ALWAYS.

He showed us our son, whom we were honored to pray into Heaven.

Even in the pain, God's beautiful caressing light...His prevalent.

Even in the memories, the cardinal sings of God's promises.

Our life continues here on earth.

It will be Heaven when Thomas and I wrap our arms around our son, feeling his strength, having basked in our Heavenly Father's glow.
It will be Heaven when Jonathan climbs onto his grandmother's lap for the first time.
It will be Heaven when our oldest, Tom, picks his brother up and swings him around.
It will be Heaven when Sarah pulls Jonathan to her side to snuggle.
It will be Heaven when Anna show him the delight in everything living.
It will be Heaven when Max cracks a joke that has them both on the floor laughing so hard tears run down their faces.
It will be Heaven when Benjamin (this hurts so much to write) sees his brother, whole this time, instead of in a laying room.
It will be Heaven  when Bekah flashes her radiant smile and takes Jonathan's hand.
It will be Heaven when Jael runs up next to him to show her new legs, whole, and they run off together.
It will be Heaven when Gabriel and his brother get a mischievous gleam and hatch a plot bringing much love and laughter.
It will be Heaven when Rachel wraps her arms around her brother's shoulder and says, "You know I really missed you."

It will be Heaven, sitting at our Savior's feet, our family whole....worshiping God together.

It will be Heaven....


The following blog post, the last one I had written,  is just one of the many ways Jonathan impacted our lives.  Thank you for joining this journey with us.  God is good...ALWAYS.
I Go and Prepare a Place for You


  1. ((((HUGS)))) I have 3 anniversaries, 2/23, 7/11, and 8/7. It makes Heaven that much sweeter. A bittersweet reminder that life is fleeting.
    Oh how I wished Jonathan could have shown us all what he was made of! :o) My Mosie has become so much than the Drs ever believed he could.

  2. Thank you. Thank you for being willing to go ahead and rescue Ben after what you'd just been through with Jonathan.
    I have prayed for your family every single day since then. God Bless You!


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